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a weeks news dated - December 23rd 1932


  At the Peacock Hotel, Huthwaite, on Thursday evening, Messrs. Lee, Son and Coupe, of Alfreton, offered for sale by auction three lots of freehold property situate in Huthwaite, and a total sum of £1,191 was realised.
  The first lot comprised the corner saleshop with dwelling house accommodation, situate at 96, Common Road, Huthwaite, and this was sold to Messrs. Farnsworth Bros., of Huthwaite, for £332.
  Mr. H. Oliver, of Alfreton, purchased lot 2, which consisted of the two dwelling houses adjoining lot 1, namely 92 and 94, Common Road, Huthwaite, the figure at which the lot was sold being £487.
  Lot 3, the semi-detached dwelling house, "Grange Villas," 134, Common Road, Huthwaite, was sold to Mr. Leonard Hill of Huthwaite, for £312.
  Mr. H. Loveday Bosworth of Sutton was the solicitor to the vendors.

Unemployment and Other Questions.


A GOOD-SIZED audience in the Lecture Room of the Huthwaite Free Library on Monday was addressed by Mr. C. Brown, M.P., the meeting being held under the auspices of the local branch of the Labour Party.
  Councillor J. Davies, J.P., presided, and said the unemployment question was foremost in the minds of all present. Unemployment seemed to be a prominent feature of the present system of the world, and the more the Government tried to solve it the deeper they got in the mire. Something would have to be done to solve the problem, and in his opinion the machines would have to be used to case the burdens of workers instead of displacing them, as at present.

A Fiscal Revolution.

  Dealing with political events of the last 12 months, Mr. Brown said the Government of the day must accept some responsibility for the condition of the mass of the people, and whatever test was applied showed that conditions to-day were worse than 12 months ago. We had been living through a fiscal revolution without experiencing any great benefits. To-day there were 187,000 more unemployed than a year ago.
  The establishment of a protectionist system had made no appreciable difference to the problem of unemployment, but had rather aggravated it in some industries. The coal industry was an instance. In the first nine months this year customs duties had yielded £22,000,000 more than in the same period last year, and by the end of the year it was estimated that from £35,000,000 to £40,000,000 would be received from the import duties. And the Government, except in one way, were attempting to bolster up private enterprise in every conceivable direction on the admission that private enterprise, without assistance from the state, could not continue as in the past.
  " Some might argue that prices have not risen through tariffs," observed Mr. Brown, "but the explanation is very simple. During the last 12 months world prices have continued to fall, and immediately world prices begin to rise we shall have a rapid jump in prices in this country, which will be aggravated by our tariff system. Tariffs wise would have been, and I am not exaggerating in saying that by the end of the year the consumer will be paying somewhere in the region of £50,000,000 more for food stuffs than 12 months ago."

Unemployment Insurance.

  Referring to unemployment insurance, the speaker said whilst he welcomed the concessions made with regard to the administration of the means test, he contended that these concessions did not touch the real problems, which arose from the fact that the burden of unemployment was not now a burden for the state but had become a burden for the family of the unemployed person.
  Referring to the £10,000,000 that was being asked for in the supplementary estimates to be transferred to national voluntary associations for the provision of cheap seeds, etc., for the unemployed, the speaker said whilst not wishing to decry the work of these organisations, he was astonished why people should be proud of this.
  "I cannot understand those who say the dole is demoralising," he added. "If one thing is more demoralising than state charity it is private charity, to obtain which it is necessary to curry favour with those who distribute it. To me it is one of the most pitiable things that any Government in modern times has attempted to do."
  Passing on to the educational policy of the Government, Mr. Brown deplored the establishment of a means test with regard to secondary education, which meant that there would be less opportunity in the future for the children in the children in the working classes to have free secondary education. He contended that the educational abilities of children of the working classes were as great as those of any other children, and that given the opportunity they were able to climb the educational ladder as ably as the children of any other class.


  Mr. Brown went on to deal with the Government's attitude towards housing. Although private enterprise had failed in the housing of the lower paid section of the working classes, and in spite of the fact that the Government had found it necessary to bolster up practically every other hind of private enterprise, they were turning over the housing of the working classes to its tender mercies. Municipalities were allowed to bear the burden of housing in the post-war years, but as soon as it became profitable - in the Government's view - it was being turned over to private enterprise. Local authorities in the future could only proceed with housing under the Slum Clearance Act of 1930.
  Referring to the war debts question Mr. Brown contended that the attitude of the Labour Party on war debts immediately after the war had at last been proved to be the right attitude. In conclusion, the speaker said the only way out of the present difficulties for the workers, remained with the workers themselves. Several questions were answered by the speaker.


The Newton Church Hall Concert Party visited the Methodist Sunday School, Sutton Road, on Wednesday, and presented a delightful programme of choruses, songs and sketches. Mr. A. Dallman presided, and the pianist was Mr. F. Wildgoose. The proceeds were in aid of the prize funds.

Police Sergeant Richard B. Smith, the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smith, 16, Newcastle Street, has been promoted to the rank of Police Inspector. It will be gratifying to Mr. Smith's many friends to hear of this new honour, as he his generally recognised as a very worthy man. Police Inspector Smith is stationed at Tower Bridge, and is in the Metropolitan Police. He is not yet 40 years of age, and doubtless he will still go higher, as he has many years of useful work in front of him.

The annual Christmas festivities of the New Street Mixed Council School were conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday. Careful preparation had been made for both the tea and the entertainment which followed. On Tuesday, 190 children sat down to a substantial repast of salmon and potted meat sandwiches and pastries, and 100 more followed suit on Wednesday. An excellent concert followed, together with games, in which all children joined. The chief items of the concert were:- Dances, by Enid Health, Kathleen Haywood and Marion Ford; doll dance, Lizzie Parker; minuet and doll dance, Joan Heathcote and Freda Wood (pupils of Miss C.A. Gill). There were also playlets ...


The members of the Catechism Class conducted by the Vicar received their prizes on Sunday afternoon, these consisting of volumes of fiction, Bibles and pictures of religious subjects. The prize list was as follows:- Boys: J. Parton, A. Ensor, A. Havenhand, C. Evans, R. Tomlinson, B. Ensor, E. Gunby, H. Fitchett, E. Wain, A. Beardsall, L. Clay, H. Smith, M. Hopkinson, E. Dickens, R. Ensor, W. Jones, J. Vardy, C. Golding, W. Lucas, R. Hatton, W. Thompson, P. Robinson, G. Cox, J. Jones, G. Wright and H. Ball. Girls: N. Dyment, P. Wright, M. Hill, G. Wright, M. Waterall, M. Wilson, S. Jones, G. Wilson, V. Pilkington, A. Dickens, E. Tomlinson, M. Barker, V. Stopps, J. Pilkington, C. Rogers, E. Blow, G. Gascoigne, M. Ensor.

The members of the Peacock Sick and Dividing Club held their annual dinner and share out on Saturday, when over 40 members sat down to an excellent dinner provided by the Host and Hostess, Mr. and Mrs. F. Dobb. After dinner Mr. G. Weston (the President), presided at the annual meeting. Mr. F. Dyment (Secretary) presented the balance sheet for 1932 which showed a membership of 60. After meeting all expenses they were able to pay each member £1 2s. Officers were re-elected as follows: President, Mr. G. Weston; Vice-President, Mr. A. Horton; Treasurer, Mr. F.H. Dobb; Secretary, Mr. F. Dyment; Sick Visitor, Mr. E. Moakes; Committee, Messrs. T. Walvin, D. Bonser, W. Rhodes, E. Pitt and F. Allsop.

Sunday was Married Ladies' Day at the Sutton Road Methodist Church from a musical point of view. A choir of 35 voices gave a Christmas cantata in the church in the afternoon. There was a splendid audience, the chairman being Mrs. Irvine, and after the opening hymn the Lord's Prayer was chanted to organ accompaniments. The cantata was given in capital style, the soloists being Mrs. Clarkson and Mrs. Flint. The choir had been trained, and were conducted by Mr. Wilson Hill, and were afterwards highly praised for a very meritorious rendering. The readings were given by Mrs. Daffin, and the organist was Mr. W. Ball. The secretary was Mrs. Sanderson, and the effort realised £4 10s. in aid of the Bazaar Fund. At the evening service in the church, the married ladies' choir displaced the usual choristers and furthered the Christmas spirit by two seasonable anthems...

A costume concert was given by the senior scholars of the Blackwell Road School on Friday. There was a large attendance of parents, the chairman being Mr. C. Bonsall (headmaster). The event had been arranged by Miss Belshaw and Miss Whetton, the former being the pianist. The programme was as follows:- recitation, I. Webb; wooden doll dance, F. Wood and I. Heathcote; a charade, M. Clay, V. Cox, A. Lancaster, E. Froggatt, G. Chappelow, M. Potter, N. Newman, J. Hargreaves, G. Lawrence, J. Foulkes, C. Ellis, I. Havenhand, J. Blow and D. Heathcote; recitation, B. Fisher; Chinese Dance, Freda Wood; playlet, Leonard Pitt, Jack Havenhand, Ronald Walker, Joan Webb, Douglas Heathcote; attendants, Harry Allen and Harry Hibbert, Harold Wilson and Aubrey Smith.

A concert was given by the scholars in the Primary Department of the Huthwaite Sherwood Street Methodist Church Sunday School on Monday. Miss Baxter and Miss Lucy Farmer, the teachers, were responsible for the training of the children. The children did their work well, and with particular zest. The concert was to provide funds for presents for this particular department. During the proceedings, Sant Claus' (Mr. George Hames) appeared, and gave a present to each child of the department. There was a fair attendance of parents and older scholars, and a most enjoyable evening was spent. Miss Hilda Hawley was the pianist, and Mr. N. Evans Chairman. The programme included the following:- Hymns by the children, ...



Extracts of Committee minutes presented at the monthly meeting of the Huthwaite Urban District Council are appended.
  Gas, Lighting and Water Committee:- The question of extending the gas main on Chesterfield Road was again considered, and it was resolved that the work be proceeded with.
  The attention of the Committee was drawn to properties in Factory Yard and Blackwell Road being supplied with water through one service, and the Water Manager was instructed to make an inspection and report at the next Committee meeting.

Chesterfield Road Improvement.

  Roads and Buildings Committee.- A letter was read from the District Valuer reporting upon the result of his negotiations with the solicitors to the executors of the late Mr. W.H. Cooke for the purchase of an additional area of 4,248 yards required for the purpose of the Chesterfield Road improvement.
  The terms submitted were approved, and the Clerk was instructed to proceed for completion of the matter.
  The Clerk read correspondence with the District Valuer, together with a letter from the Ministry of Health, stating that the Ministry now offered no further objection to the Council proceeding with the purchase of the housing site on the Chesterfield Road, and authorised the Council to obtain tenders for the erection of 40 houses of the three bedrooms and non-parlour type.
  It was resolved that the purchase of the site be proceeded with; that tenders for the erection of houses be invited by advertisement; and that the construction of the roads and sewers be carried out by direct labour, if practicable.
  The necessary renovation of the Council Room was discussed, and it was resolved that the work be deferred until next spring.
  Cemetery, Pleasure Grounds and Allotments Committee.- The Sub-Committee reported that complaint had ben received of damage to headstones in the Burial Ground from the destruction of refuse near the Lyric Picture House, and the Surveyor was instructed to take action to secure an abatement of the alleged nuisance.

The Park.

  In connection with Huthwaite Park, a reply was read from the Co-operative Wholesale Society saying that the question of the joint proposals for the supply of conservancy of water for boiler feeding purposes and also in the event of fire at their factory was receiving attention.
  The Clerk reported upon the renewed application to the District Miners' Welfare Committee for a grant towards the Park scheme, and read a reply to the effect that the Committee were not in a position to entertain the application. It was resolved that the Clerk approach the local Committee upon this matter.
  Health and Hospital Committee.- The Medical Officer of Health reported that no deaths had been notified during the month. Three births - one male and two females - were registered, and no cases of infectious disease were notified.
  The conversion of existing pail closets to the water carriage system was discussed, and the health officials were directed to investigate and report upon the matter to the next meeting.
  A letter was read from the Clerk to the Worksop Urban and Rural District Isolation Hospital Committee intimating a reduction of the charge of £5 5s. per patient per week to £4 4s., with no extra charge for ambulance, which was approved.
  Finance and General Purposes Committee.- The Clerk was instructed to obtain the sanction of the Minister of Health to the payment of an increased annual subscription of £5 5s. to the Orthopaedic Guild, and a Sub-Committee, comprising the Chairman and Messrs. Goodall, Lowe and Sowter, was appointed to consider a scheme of local assistance to the Guild and report early in the New Year.


On Thursday evening the Huthwaite Girl Guides held their annual treat in the Lecture Hall Free Library. About 30 Guides with their officers, enjoyed a splendid tea, which was tastefully served, the table being also decorated in an artistic manner. After the cloths were removed the evening was spent in games, musical chairs and other musical items, the accompanist being Guide Sadie Jones. The proceedings terminated with a short business routine, and farewell songs and wishes. A very enjoyable time passed only too quickly - for the assembled company.

Unemployment and Other Questions.


At the recent meeting of the Sutton and Huthwaite Branch, Ilkeston District Hosiery Union, held in Baptist Lecture Hall, Sutton, Mr. A. Hickton presiding, Mr. J.T. Brewin explained that the delegate meeting at Nottingham had decided to retain the name of the society for another year. During that time advance might be made in securing one union for the whole of the hosiery trade.
  Members were pleased to hear of the large increase in membership. It was stated that all the new factories had been organised. The relations between the new employers and the union were friendly, and many outstanding matters relating to conditions had been settled amicably. ....

Bygone Happenings.


  White-Turner. -On the 21st inst., at the Parish Church, Sutton, by the Rev. E.H. Perkins, John Thomas White, of Huthwaite, to Eliza Ellen Turner, of Sutton.
  Dove-Walker. -At the same time and place by the Rev. F.J. Adams, William Dove, of Huthwaite, to Lillie Walker, of Sutton.
  Wood-Goodall. - At the same time and place, by the Rev. J.P. Ivans, James Arthur Wood to Elsie Rose Goodall, both of Fulwood.
  Osborn-Beresford. -On the 16th ult., at All Saints' Church, Huthwaite, by the Rev. F.M. Beswick, Herbert Frederick Osborn to Ada May Beresford.
  Bird-Walvin. -On the 24th inst., at the same place, by the Rev. F.N. Beswick, Herbert Bird to Hannah Walvin.
  Jepson-Dawson. -On the 25th inst., at the same place, by the Rev. F.N. Beswick, James Storer Jepson to Ada Dawson.
  Boot-Rowe. -On the 26h inst., at the same place by the Rev. F.N. Beswick, Sammuel Henry Boot to Eliza Rowe.

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