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a weeks news dated - December 9th 1932


  The annual tea and presentation of awards to the members of the Huthwaite U.D.C. Bowling Club too place on Saturday evening, at headquarters, the chair being occupied by Mr. C.H. Coupe.
  Following tea, a programme of songs and speeches was gone through, and during the evening Mrs. Betts presented the Mansfield Association Doubles Cup to T. Thompson and A. Purdy. The E. Lowe Cup and vouchers for club championship were handed out by Mrs. Hancock, while the Sutton Charity Cup was presented by Mrs. J. Stuart.

Presentation of Picture.

  Among the visitors were Messrs. A. Hall (secretary of the Mansfield Association), W. Marriott (Pleasley), T. Bradley and B. Hill. The catering was carried out by Mesdames Purdy, Bradley, Dobb, Hill, Webb, Hunt, Thompson and Herrod.
  During the evening there was a presentation of a picture of the Bowling Club to the U.D.C. ...


  The funeral took place on Monday of Mrs. Ambrosine Ensor, of 5, New Fall Street, Huthwaite. She was 82 years of age, and was in comparatively good health right up to the end, which came unexpectedly. She was taken ill on Friday morning, and passed away in a few hours.
  The late Mrs. Ensor was a familiar and highly respected figure in the locality where she lived, and was also esteemed by members of the Parish Church, having been before advancing years curtailed outdoor activities, a regular member of the congregation, and an unobtrusive helper in many church enterprises. She always displayed a keen interest in Parish Church matters and remained a devout church woman to the last.

The Funeral.

  Mrs. Ensor was a native of Newhall, in Derbyshire, and had lived in Huthwaite 33 years. Her husband pre-deceased her by about eight years, and a family of four sons and four daughters are left.
  The simple funeral service was conducted by the Rev. W.L. Boulton (Vicar). The principal mourners were Mr. S. Ensor, Mr. F. Ensor, Mr. and Mrs. H. Ensor, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ensor, Mr. and Mrs. F. Leah, Miss B. Ensor, Mr. and Mrs. P. Fitchett, Mr. and Mrs. H. Bower (Loughborough), sons and daughters; Mr. J.P. Ensor (Ashperton, Herefordshire), Miss Marion Ensor, grandchildren.
  The bearers were Messrs. Wood, Bradley, Marshall, Ellis, Draper and Horton. Floral tributes were sent by:- Harriett and Fred; Fred and Mrs. Clowes; Harry and Kate; Joe, Flo and the boys; Blanche; Clarrie and Percy; Dolly and Harold; Jack and Marion; Grandson Frank; Marjorie and Mary; From Henry; Blanche and Jeffrey; Alan and Kathleen; Mrs. Bain; Gladys; Ada; and Elsie Owen.


Members of the older generation at Huthwaite who received their education at the Blackwell Road Schools about 48 years ago will remember Miss Hannah Clarke as a young teacher, who went to Chesterfield. After a short period there she proceeded to Watford (Herts.) and while there married a gentleman named Maskell. She was a school teacher for a long period in that district and was also engaged during the shortage caused by the war. She finally retired in 1920 and died on Wednesday of this week at the age of 67. She was a sister of Mrs. A. Drabble and Mrs. T.G. Evans and all were born in Sampson's Yard.

On Monday evening, Mr. J.H. Weston presented the favourite entertainment Vanderville at the New Fall Street Methodist Church, and although three "turns" were unable to attend owing to illness, Miss Holland made a splendid substitute. There was a very good audience, over which Mr. J. Thompson presided. Many encores were demanded by the audience, and great credit is due to Mr. Weston for his musical enthusiasm, and for the ability with which he presents a first-class entertainment on behalf of deserving causes. The programme was as follows:- ...


  The funeral took place on Thursday of Mr. Arthur Cockayne, the victim of a fatal accident at the Silverhill Colliery. He was 20 years of age, and was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Cockayne, of 29, Ashfield Street, and had been employed at SilverhillCockayne about five years.
  He had many friends in local sporting circles, and although he did not take much active part in games, he was greatly interested in football and cricket. Formerly he was a member of the New Fall Street Methodist Sunday School and the first part of the funeral service was held there, the last rites being conducted throughout by Mr. C. Mann (senior). Mr. J.W. Allsop was the organist, and the hymns "A few more years shall roll" and "Rock of Ages," while the Dead March from "Saul" was played as the mourners left the church.

Mourners and Flowers.

  The mourners were:- Father and Mother; Doris and May, sisters; Grandad and Grandma Walker; Mr. and Mrs. T. Ball, Mr. and Mrs. L. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. B. Walker, Mr. J.W. Walker, Mr. and Mrs. J. Cockayne, Mrs. W. Walker, uncles and aunts; Mrs. W. Copestake, cousin; personal friends were Mr. E. Lord and Mrs. Lord, Mrs. W. Lord, Mr. E. Lord and Mrs. Lord, Mrs. W. Lord, Mrs. E. Lord, Mr. and Mrs. Eveson (Sutton) and Mr. C. Baines.
  Stanton Hill officials were represented by Messrs. C. Alvey and N. Baron, and workmates by Mr. Langton (Stanton Hill). Huthwaite Unemployed Association, to which Mr. G. Cockayne had belonged, was represented by Messrs. J. Davis, J.P. (chairman), T. Bradley (secretary), S. Wood and H. Dykes. The bearers were Messrs. F. Dobb, G. Dobb, A. Dobb, D. Wright, W. Sprittlehouse and D. Jones.
  The flowers were from:- Dad, Mother and Sisters; Uncle Jack and Aunt Sarah; May and Cyril, Violet and George; Grandma and Grandad; Uncle Bernard, Aunt Edna and Leslie; Cousin Edith, Aunts and Uncles; Aunt Liza and Aunty Beatrice; Allan and Bob; Doug. and Pals; Tom; Mr. and Mrs. C. Clarke and family; Mrs. Lord, Ernest and family; Mr. and Mrs. F. Dobb and Arthur Dobb; Miss Jepson and Mr. and Mrs. Illsley; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Herrett; Mr. W. Robinson; from Ashland Farm; Miss I. Wray; Mr. Baines; Huthwaite Unemployment Section; Mrs. Quincey; and Directors and officials of the Stanton Ironworks Company.


  Huthwaite United are experiencing a lean time in the Sutton and Skegby League, Division I. They lost their fifth match on Saturday, when they were before their own supporters.
  Their victors, Teversal Colliery, are making a hold bid for the championship, and the couple of points on Saturday were extremely welcome.
  One of the most progressive teams in Division II. are Huthwaite C.W.S., who pleased their supporters with a splendid home victory on Saturday.
  Huthwaite Villa continue to go great guns in Div. III., in which they have still to lose their first match. Nine more goals were obtained by them on Saturday, and at the present rate they should easily top the century.
  The latest addition to the Villa ranks is Arthur Buxton, a half-back, who has been secured from East Kirkby Welfare. ...


  Playing Mansfield Invicta on the Huthwaite Road Ground, Sutton, on Saturday, Huthwaite C.W.S. pulled of a credible victory by five goals to two. ...
  The C.W.S. side are to be congratulated on their victory against such opponents. The visitors prior to Saturday had lost only one match - the opening game of the season - and had only 10 goals scored against them. The re-arranged forward line of the factory team was an improvement on previous weeks, whilst the defence upheld its reputation of being one of the best in the League. Teams:-
Huthwaite C.W.S.- Mills; B. Booth and Dallison; Hassall, Pegg and Oliver; Walters, R. Booth; Briggs, Saxton and Jones.


Leaders of Division III., Huthwaite Villa entertained Mansfield Baptists, who are next to the bottom of the League table on Saturday, when the result was as anticipated, the Villa running out easy winners by nine goals to one. ... Teams:-
Huthwaite Villa: W. Griffiths; R. Williams and L. Smith; C. Booth, A. Cook and W. Collins, L. Reeves, G. Reeves, W. Cooke, E. Reeves and H. Thrall.

Respective Marrying Ages.

In the hearing of a case in a London Court of Justice the other day it was stated that a young woman of 21 had declared that a man of 31 was too young for her to marry. If that was so the judge asked council what age the man ought to be. He himself appeared to differ from the views of the young woman, but neither her nor council could fix the proper respective ages for men and women to marry. There is, however, a very simple rule which solves this problem. If a man marries, his bride should be half his age plus seven, and it holds good whether he is twenty, thirty, forty, sixty or seventy years old. According to this rule the bride of a man of thirty-two should be twenty-two or twenty-three.

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