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a weeks news dated - August 26th 1932


  The record of Mr. Harold Peters, one of the two Huthwaite members of the Sutton Harriers, is a noteworthy one. He is the youngest son of Councillor and Mrs. J. Peters, of Lime Avenue, and has been interested in sport since his schooldays, which are, as yet, not far behind him.
  After joining the Sutton Harriers and practising consistently, his first success came in December, 1929, when he won the gold medal and cup as the first man in the Club's cross-country handicap race of five miles. A year later he repeated the performance, and was now regarded to be a promising cross-country runner, though he subsequently displayed an equal partiality for flat racing and met with continued successes.
  In January, 1931, he was third in the Notts. County cross-country championship at Papplewick, receiving a bronze medal, and in the following month he was a member of the Sutton team that finished third in the Midland Counties' Junior Cross-Country Championship at Sutton. In May last year, he won the mile and half-mile at Caister (Lincs.). This was on Whit-Monday, and on Whit-Tuesday he was third in the half-mile at Mansfield Colliery against first-rate talent.

A Splendid Feat.

  At Ripley Hospital sports last summer he carried off two firsts for the mile and half-mile, and a splendid feat a little later was his finishing second to Ellis at Highfields in the Notts. County half-mile championship. In January, 1932, he was a member of the team which ran second to Mansfield in the Notts. cross-country championship at Berry Hill. In February of this year the Sutton team, which included Peters, obtained second place in the Junior Cross-Country Championship at Cheltenham. At Forest Town at Whitsuntide he took part in the relay race with the Sutton team which finished second, and at Ripley he again did well, being first in the mile and second in the half mile.
  A relay race at South Normanton was won with his help, and on Bank Holiday at Mansfield he was up against Ellis in the county championship for the mile and half-mile. The world's record holder won the mile with Peters second, but Ellis did not turn out in the half mile, and accordingly Peters gained the title for half mile county champion. A fortnight ago, the Sutton team were second in the relay at Chesterfield, and on Monday evening Peters gained further honours at the combined harriers' meeting at Sutton. It should be pointed out also that Peters competed with the Notts. representatives in the Inter-Counties Championship at Chingford early this year.
  In all he has won three gold medals, one gold-centred medal, three of silver and one bronze. He holds also a bronze souvenir medal from Coventry Hospital Sports. These are in addition to many other prizes, and the number stands a good chance of being increased.


On Friday evening a jumble sale was held in the Wesleyan Schoolroom. It was organised by the married ladies on behalf of church funds.

Mr. Sam Phillips has suffered a serious loss at his Common Road farm by the burning of a large stack of hay. The outbreak was noticed on Tuesday evening, and although the Sutton Fire Brigade attended, nothing could be done to save the stack, which continued to burn for 48 hours. There was plenty of water available, but the fire had obtained too complete a hold for it to be mastered.

"The Bargain" showing on Monday at the Lyric Theatre, is a dramatic story of a father and son caught up in the same conflict between marriage and desire for a career ... For the week-end "Dance, Pretty Lady" and "Partners of the Trail" form a first-class entertainment.

The Primitive Methodist Male Voice Choir had a full week-end, one part of it for their own enjoyment, and the other part devoted to making pleasure for other people. On Saturday the choir members and a party of friends had a most enjoyable outing to Buxton. The beauty spots traversed en route included Vin Gellia, Dovedale, Millers' Dale, Bakewell, and Matlock. At the last-mentioned place a halt of about an hour was called to enjoy the scenery, and half-past ten was the end of a perfect day.

On Saturday the Primitive Methodist Male Voice Choir provided the chief feature in special musical services held at the Primitive Methodist Church on behalf of the Trust Funds. The preacher was Mr. J. Mansfield, of Huthwaite, who also made an excellent chairman at the afternoon gathering. On this occasion the choir gave a splendid programme, ... Soloists were Messrs. J. Hardy and J. Oliver, and quartettes were given by Messrs. Hardy, Marshall, Spencer and Colley. Mr. W.H. Allsop accompanied the choir, and Mr. J.W. Allsop was the organist for the congregational singing. At the evening service the male voice choir and quartette party rendered several additional numbers in first-rate style. The singing was highly appreciated and reflected great credit upon Mr. J. Colley, who conducted throughout.


On Saturday afternoon 45 junior girls belonging to the Parish Church Sunday School participated in a 'bus ride and picnic arranged by four Sunday School teachers, Misses Wright (Superintendent), Lucas, Stopps and Wilson. The destination was the Titchfield Gardens at Hucknall, a pretty pleasure ground which had been visited before. The children took their own teas, and spent the evening in various games. The weather was dull but fine, and the children had a pleasant time, home being reached at half-past eight. Credit is due to those who do their utmost to stimulate interest in the Sunday Schools, and arrange an occasional treat for the juvenile members.



  New Hucknall Colliery were easy victims to their visitors, Clipstone Colliery, on Saturday, some surprising changes taking place in the game. Owing to a capital partnership by F. Dobb and Iball, New Hucknall's first wicket did not fall until 57 runs had been signalled. Iball hit eight fours. The home team's innings, however, closed for 117. Clipstone made an unpromising start, losing three men for 45 runs, but Goodman and Matchin added 70 runs, for the next wicket, and stumps were drawn with the score at 125 for four wickets.
  The home bowlers were very ineffective although six were tried. Four of these, F. Adlington, E. Vardy, F. Dobb and A. Spencer, each claimed one wicket for six, 10, 11 and 22 runs respectively. Scores....


Good form was displayed by both New Hucknall Colliery Office staff's batsmen and bowlers when Messrs. Betts and Broughton were entertained on Thursday, with the result that the visitors were well beaten. Thanks to useful innings by A. Monks, E. Hardstaff, J. Watkinson (retired), H.E. Wharmby (not out) and C.W. Haycox, the home team were able to declare with their score at 168 for seven wickets. The visitors did not do nearly so well with the willow and were all out for 75, no fewer than five of their players failing to open their accounts. For the victors, L. Banks captured four wickets for 29 runs, E. Hardstaff, three for three, C.W. Haycox, two for 25, and R. Dickens, one for 14.

   Colliery Office Staff.
C. W. Haycox b Ashton .......... 19
R. Bailey lbw b Blount ......... 4
E. Hardstaff c Davidson b Ashton 31
A. Monks c and b Allsop ........ 41
L. Banks c and b Allsop ........ 4
J. Watkinson retired ........... 31
L. Johnson b Blount ............ 4
R. Dickens b Blount ............ 6
H. E. Wharmby not out .......... 4
F. H. Smith did not bat
Extras 4 Total (7 wkts. dec.)-168

Messrs. Betts. and Broughton.
P. Thompson b Banks ............ 12
F. Heathcote b Banks ........... 13
S. Allsop b Dickens ............ 4
H. Davidson b Banks ............ 0
J. Blount c Watkinson b Banks .. 9
J. Wood b Haycox ............... 24
G. Ashton c Watkinson b Haycox . 10
S. Harley b Hardstaff .......... 0
F. Ward b Hardstaff ............ 0
S. Parry not out ............... 0
F. Bray b Hardstaff ............ 0
Extras 3 Total-75


  The annual meeting of the Sutton Charity Cup Association was held at the Old Blue Bell Inn, Sutton, on Tuesday evening. Mr. W.H. Pepper presided, and the officials present were:- Messrs. A. Bacon, L. Heath, S. Dove, E. Clay, S. Hickerton and E. Frost. There was a good attendance of club delegates.
  The Chairman remarked that the Association could congratulate themselves upon a successful year. They had raised a sum of £25 for charitable purposes, and, in addition, a successful sportsmen's service was organised, and here again the money was given to worthy objects. None of them were any the worse off for their efforts, and he hoped they would be equally successful during the coming season.

Balance Sheet.

  The Secretary (Mr. S. Dove) presented the balance sheet, which showed the total income to have been £40 5s. 7d. The expenses were £38 0s. 7d., leaving a credit balance in hand of £2 5s. The sums awarded to charitable objects were :-Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Guild, £7 10s.; Sutton Nursing Association, £7 10s.; Mansfield Hospital, £5 10s.; Sutton St. John Ambulance (Men's Section), £2 10s.; Sutton St. John Ambulance (Ladies' Section), £2 10s. The balance sheet was adopted without comment.
  The election of officers resulted as follows:- President, Dr. S.J.W. Donald; Vice-President, all members of 10s. 6d.; Chairman, Mr. W.H. Pepper; Secretary, Mr. S. Dove; Treasurer, Mr. A. Bacon; Executive Committee, Messrs. E. Clay, S. Hodgkinson, S. Bickerton, A. Meddlicott, E. Frost and A. Taylor; Auditors, Messrs. L. Heath and A. Taylor. Mr. L. Heath is the Notts. F.A. representative.
  The rules found general favour, but one was altered on the proposal of the Ollerton representative regarding the clubs in the junior section. This had reference to the semi-finals and final, and for the coming season it was decided for the total receipts to go to charity. This means that the clubs do not claim travelling expenses.
  Sutton Town joined the senior section, and it is thought that this will consists of about eight teams, there being several apologies for non-attendance through the night being inconvenient.
  The clubs who have already entered the junior section are:- Newton Red Rose, Linby Colliery, Clay Cross Works, Huthwaite United, Pilsley Welfare, Mansfield North End, Ollerton Colliery, Thoresby Colliery, Sutton Colliery and Teversal Colliery.


  The charity greyhound meeting on Wednesday organised by the directors of the Sutton track on behalf of the funds of Harlow Wood Orthopaedic Hospital, was a great success. The attendance exceeded all expectations, and amongst the company present were her Grace the Duchess of Portland, the Marquis and Marchioness of Titchfield, Lady Anne Bentinck, Lady Peggy Bentinck, Mr. and Mrs. Glynn Davies, and Mrs. F.W. Beeley, of Sutton. The left wing stand had been tastefully decorated by the officials, and here the Duchess's party were accommodated.
  Before her Grace and her party arrived, a large crowd assembled at Forest Side, and her Grace was received with cheers and applause. Mrs. F.W. Beeley received the Duchess at the ground, and acted as hostess to the party.

Inspection of Kennels.

  After the first race the party, with the Directors of the track, made a tour of inspection of the kennels and racing establishment. Inspector Sweeney, of the R.S.P.C.A., also joined the party. After the inspection racing was resumed, and the party viewed it from the stand. All appeared to be keenly interested in the events, and an added attraction was the Huthwaite Prize Band, under Bandmaster A. Cooper, which discoursed excellent selections of music between the races.
  Miss Noreen King, the small daughter of Mr. W. King, the Managing Director of the Sutton Greyhound Racing Co., presented her Grace with a lovely bouquet of flowers......

Bygone Happenings.

INTERESTING glimpses into the past are afforded by the extracts given below from the "Free Press" for the corresponding weeks of 40 years ago.

Hucknall Huthwaite Flower Show.

  A meeting was held in the National Schoolroom, Hucknall Huthwaite, with the object of recommencing the horticultural show which had not been held for several years. Such an undertaking had considerably better prospects than in former years, several fields having been broken up for garden allotments. The basis of management was also to be laid on a firmer foundation, the principle being that of a liability company, with share of 5s.
  Officials were elected as follow:- Treasurer, Mr. E. Burrows; secretary, Mr. J. Boardman; committee, Messrs. S. Burton, J.W. Burton, M. Broughton, H. Barfoot, W. Bostock, J.B. Cooper, W. Frances, A. Smith, T. Thompson, W. Warmsby and J. Wright, with Mr. W. Simpson as chairman. Councillor S. Watson was to be asked to become president of the society, and the Rev. W.J.R. Kerr, Dr. Style, Messrs. S.W. Betts, T.C. Birkhead, J. Burrows, J. Blood, Coates, P.J. Fenwick, K. Kesteven, J.P. Pilsworth, Spencer, A. Taylor and R. Wright vice-presidents.


Hill-Lee -On the 24th inst., at the Parish Church, Sutton, Ben William Hill to Ann Margaret Lee, both of Hucknall Huthwaite.

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