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a weeks news dated - April 8th 1932


Mr. Wm. Morris, of Sutton Road, was interred last week, death having occurred at the age of 86. Mr. Morris was well-known at the Sutton end of the town, and a few years ago he established the Ashfield Road Mission. For some time previous to the end he was confined to bed.

The unemployed are being catered for in up-to-date style from an educational point of view. In connection with the Miner's Welfare Adult Education scheme afternoon classes on "Social History" and "Wireless" have been arranged, the general public, of course, being also welcomed. Nottingham University lecturers are in charge of the classes.

The "Lyric" Theatre provides a super programme next week. "The Written Law" on Monday and Tuesday, stars the gifted and captivating Madeline Carroll, and lady auditors will be enraptured by her many lovely gowns. ... Wednesday, it should be noted, has a complete change of programme, the proceeds being devoted to the Old People's Treat Fund. "Conspiracy" is the big feature, with Bessie Love and a strong cast. ... On the last three nights "The Hound of the Baskervilles" is a gripping picture, the product of the combined genius of Conon Doyle and Edgar Wallace. ... The picture was filmed in Devonshire, and there are many beautiful scenes.


  The affairs of the New Hucknall Colliery Cricket Club were fully disclosed at the annual general meeting held in the Colliery Institute, Huthwaite, on Monday night, when there was a very representative attendance.
  The financial position of the club, according to the balance sheet, is in a creditable state, thanks to all who had helped in the success of the prize draw, and all things considered the club is proceeding on sound lines.
  The average prize-winners for 1931 were: 1st team, batting, W. Slack; bowling, no one qualified for the bowling prize. 2nd team; batting, A. Gibson; bowling, F. Adlington.

Election of Officers.

  The election of officers for the ensuing year resulted as under:- President, Mr. H.B. Stevens; vice-chairman, Mr. J. Thompson; capt. 1st team, Mr. P. Muschamp; acting capt. 1st team, Mr. A.P. Bacon; vice-capt, 1st team, Mr. A. Bird; scorer, 1st team, Mr. A. Barker; the captain and vice-captain for the 2nd team were left to the discretion of the Committee; scorer 2nd team, Mr. A. Turner; Committee, Messrs. J. Rawson, J. Watkinson, J. Thompson, W. Worthington, H. Hodgkinson, H. Else, H. White, S. Meakin, A.P. Bacon, E. Huskinson, A. Barker, A. Bird, A. Else and G. Reeves; umpires, Messrs. J. Rawson, S. Meakin, H. White and J. Watkinson; League representative, Mr. J. Watkinson; official collector, Mr. J. Watkinson secretary, Mr. V. Booth.
  Owing to the inability last season to raise two full teams it was decided to run only Derbyshire Collieries' Alliance. There will however, be a 2nd XI which will have a good and varied fixture list, consisting of local friendly matches.
  The membership fee was fixed at 5s. as previously. The ground will be open for practice next Monday week. The 1st XI have again an attractive fixture list and have had a little luck in the Cup draw, having received a bye in the First Round and drawn at home to Annesley or Clipstone in the Second Round on June 25th.
  Averages for season 1931 are appended.

Batting 1st XI      Bowling 1st XI
W. Slack A. Spencer
H. Smith A. Taylor
F. Dobb H. Smith
J. Shaw J. Shaw
A. Bird F. Dobb
G. Dobb H. Sanderson
P. Bacon G. Dobb
A. Spencer
H. Sanderson
A. Taylor
H. Iball
L. Banks
S. Worthington


  The reluctance of boys to enter the coal industry is commented on in the annual report of the Mansfield and District Advisory Committee on juvenile employment for 1931.
  The report states that while under-employment was prevalent in the industry throughout the year, vacancies existed for boys at almost every colliery, and owing to the reluctance of boys to enter the industry, due either to short-time working, or to a preconceived distaste for pit work, some employers were obliged to engage men on work normally performed by boys.
  It is pointed out, however, that the general trade depression throughout the year did not appreciably affect the juvenile employment position, when compared with the previous year's record, and a number of places were found in building and allied trades, cotton spinning and doubling, and wireless engineering. The number of juveniles for whom work was found was 243 boys and 276 girls.
  An increased number of girls were placed in domestic service and in seasonal employment at seaside resorts.
  The work of the committee was considerably widened in scope through the introduction of trade lectures and trade bulletins, while the advantages to employers of co-operation with the committee were more appreciated than hitherto.
  The report adds that, owing to necessitous family circumstances, a considerable number of juveniles had to take the first available employment, without regard to the future, with the result that work, in the main, offered little scope for advancement. It was desirable, therefore, that additional vacancies should be secured to nullify, as far as possible, complexities arising out of "blind alley" employment.


  Mr. Harry Burton, of Huthwaite, the vice-captain and centre-half of Huthwaite United F.C., proposes to end his active football career with the close of the present season.
  Footballers over a wide area will hear with regret of his retirement, but they will remember with admiration his splendid record of nearly 25 years League football. He was one of the stalwarts of the New Hucknall Colliery Club in its palmiest days, and the real sporting spirit which he has always displayed has made him one of the most popular figures in local football circles.
  He hails from Beighton in the Sheffield district, but was living at Blackwell wen he was 15 years of age, and he joined Blackwell Mount Pleasant Club. While he was with them they had some notable successes, including the Derbyshire Senior Shield, the Notts. and Derbyshire Junior Cup, and the Derbyshire Medals. He played for them four seasons, and then had two season with Blackwell Colliery. He then assisted Tibshelf for a time, but moving to Huthwaite signed on for New Hucknall Colliery, with whom he gave some of his best displays.

Helped Local Teams.

  During the war period he was willing to help any local team and turned out for Welbeck, South Normanton Colliery and South Normanton Rangers (along with his brother Jim) and Alfreton Town. He subsequently resumed his old place with New Hucknall in the Collieries' Alliance and remained with them until they disbanded some years ago. Subsequently he became captain of Teversal Colliery and then of Sutton Colliery, and helped both to gain distinctions.
  Last year when Huthwaite United were being formed the new club were glad of a player of his experience and he has assisted them loyally both on the field and as a member of the Committee. Although he may not don the colours again after this season, except in an occasional way, his knowledge and judgement will probably be at the disposal of any club which needs sound advice, and his own record of clean and manly sport should be an inspiration to budding footballers.
  Throughout his career Harry Burton has practically all the time filled the centre-half position. He was a cool and resourceful player and a good shot at goal when opportunity offered. He played the game for its own sake, and played his hardest till the final whistle, being one of the most reliable, untiring and dogged "pivots" ever seen on local football fields.


  A record of increasing activity was revealed in the annual report of the Thoroton Society, submitted by Mr. J. Holland Walker (Hon. Secretary) at Wednesday's annual meeting of the Society held at Nottingham.
  In his report, the hon, secretary said that 34 new members had been elected during the year, and the total membership was now 436, being an increase of 19 over last year. In addition there was a long waiting list.
  The lectures had been well attended and greatly appreciated and the visits paid to different places had been well patronised and very instructive. During the year the Society's library had been completely re-organised and catalogued by Mr. A. Parker, and was now being used to a much greater extent than it was a few years ago.

Finds of Minor Importance.

  The report went on to record that little of general antiquarian interest had occurred in the county during the last year, although numerous finds of minor importance had been reported. Perhaps the most important event in this respect had been the presentation of Newstead Abbey to the city of Nottingham by Sir Julien Cahn.
  The Society had decided to make a grant of £10 per annum for four years to the British Record Society to assist in the indexing of the Nottinghamshire marriage licences which are being prepared for publication by Mr. T.M. Blagg.
  Mr. F.E. Burton, the hon, treasurer, gave his financial report.
  The Duke of Portland was re-elected president ; the names of Mr. F.E. Burton and Mr. F.A. Wadsworth were added to the list of vice-presidents; Lt.-Col. W.A. Potter was elected chairman of the council, with Mr. F.A. Wadsworth vice-chairman; Mr. F.E. Burton, hon. treasurer; Mr. E.L. Guilford, hon. editor; Mr. J. Holland Walker and Mr. A. Parker, joint hon, secretaries.
  On the suggestion of Mr. J. Holland Walker it was decided that the Society should be re-named "The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire." The Society, he said, was now working in a much wider world and they occasionally had difficulty in getting themselves identified.

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