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Free Press - May 1926

Reportage of seasonal entertainment transcribed by Trev Ashmore revealing names of local performers


The concluding performance of the operetta "May Day in Welladay" was given on Saturday in the United Methodist Schoolroom. The villagers of Welladay are assembled on the village green to choose their May Queen, when the Beadle appears on the scene, and accuses them of being suffragettes and also of disturbing the peace. The festivities continue, however, and the May Queen is chosen, by the Magic Well. The festivities reach an exciting pitch, the village maidens dancing in a delightful manner. The flower dance made a beautiful picture, the girls dancing with flower covered hoops. Fairies appeared at different intervals, and delighted the audience with their simplicity, being tiny tots, and seeming thoroughly to enjoy their dainty little steps. The yokels sing lustily, and delighted the onlookers by a grotesque dance.

Mr. John Burton made a very pompous Beadle; Miss Florrie Gannon was Saucy Sue, and created much fun at the Beadle's expence. Miss Gwennie Harrison made an ideal Grannie and lectured the girls freely on what was done when she was a girl. Miss Gwennie Machin was Fairy of the Well, and her elocution left nothing to be desired. Miss Mary Bingham was very modest as May Queen, and Miss Lois Herrod as "Ella", Miss Avis Gannon as "Iris", Miss Gladys Bettison as "Elene", acted in a splendid fashion. Miss Edna Bramley, as Fairy Bluebell sang and recited most beautifully. The duet by Miss Clarice Taylor and Eunice Hargreaves as Fairy Rose and Fairy Lilybell, was a charming number. Miss Hilda Hawley was an efficient accompanist.

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