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Notts Free Press - 1st August 1925

This tragic report was transcribed and sent by Sharon Marshall who thanked Janet at Sutton Library for helping find this piece among her ancestral connections.   Quelling any past rumors which once suggested murder ended the life of this notable village sportsman, the sad subject does also contain other interesting historic details of potential researcher value by addressing those named Huthwaite families and officials.


George Maltby (47), of 20 Sutton Road, Huthwaite, a labourer employed by the Huthwaite Urban District Council, met with a tragic death on Wednesday.   He was following his employment at the refuse tip and apparently had a seizure, for about 3.45 he was found by a boy named Frederick Brooks, who was playing cricket close by, lying face downwards on the refuse.   Artificial respiration was tried without avail.   Deceased was a well-known local cricketer, and has played for Derbyshire on several occasions.   Maltby had in various seasons, rendered great service to clubs in the Notts. League, and last year he won the batting average with Sutton Town.   He has been playing for South Normanton this summer, and as recently as Saturday scored 40 runs for them in a Derbyshire Alliance Cup-tie.

At the inquest held at the Huthwaite Council Offices last evening, conducted by Mr E. Williams (Deputy Coroner), the wife of deceased said when her husband left home at one o'clock he appeared to be in his usual health.   Replying to the Coroner, however, she said he was subject to fits, but it was six months ago since the last one occurred.   He had not suffered from any other complaint.   Dr. H. Irvine said deceased had not been attended recently by him, but last year was off work for three weeks when he was treated for epileptic fits.   He had been attended since, but not for that complaint.

The Coroner: Did you form any opinion as to the cause of death?
Witness: Yes.   Considering his past complaint, I should say that he fell forward on his face, having a fit, and was suffocated.

A schoolboy, Frederick Glen Brooks of 58 Newcastle Street, Huthwaite, gave evidence as to the finding of the body.   About 3.30 he noticed deceased, who was in the employ of the Council, putting ashes into a barrow from the ash tip, and fifteen minutes later when witness glanced in that direction, he noticed that Maltby was prone on the floor.

The Coroner: Was he lying on his face in the dirt - Yes sir.   Witness added that he went for assistance and, though artificial respiration was tried, it was of no avail.   The last witness's uncle Frederick John Brooks, told the Coroner that his nephew came to him for help and witness found deceased about a yard inside the tip (composed of nightsoil and ashes), where he had been working.   The soil beneath him was soft, being about five inches deep and, to all appearances, deceased had fallen down and remained there.

Without calling any further evidence, the Coroner said he would return a verdict in accordance with the medical evidence.   In all probability deceased had a fit and, while working alone, fell face downwards into the refuse and was suffocated.

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