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a weeks news dated - January 31st 1913

FOR SALE, CHEAP.- A Full Size Billiard Table, by George Edwards, London, massive Mahogany Frame, Eight Legs, in splendid condition. Cues, Rests, Marking Board, Balls, etc, all complete. Inspection invited.- J. Thompson, House Furnisher, New-street, Huthwaite.


  The General Meeting of the Huthwaite Nursing Association will be held in the Council School, on Thursday, February 6th. at eight o'clock. All interested are invited to attend. H.A. Simpson, Hon. Sec.-Advt.

  Double-Sided 10in. Records by Billy Williams, Billy Whitlock, Jack Charman, St. Paul's Choir, Stanley Kirkby, Will Evans; also Bands, Whistling, and Instrumental Solos. All new stock. To be cleared at 1s. 4d. each, list price 2s. 6d. All on approval. Also a few Gramophones equally cheap. J. Fisher, Sutton-road, Huthwaite.-Advt.

  There was a good attendance at the Peacock Hotel, on Monday night, when the property of the Good Intent Friendly Society, which is being dissolved owing to the effect of the Insurance Act, was offered by Messrs. C.B. Beecroft and Sons, of Sutton. Lot 1, a piece of land in Club-yard, Huthwaite, containing about 128 sq. yards, was bought by Mr. G. Bostock for £15. Lot 2, six dwelling houses in Club-yard, with about 128 sq. yards of land, let to Mr. John Copestake and others at a rental of £51 2s. 8d. per annum, was purchased by Mr. G.W. Briggs, of Sutton, for £309. Lot 3, three cottages, Nos. 4, 6, and 8, Idlewells, Sutton, occupied by Mr. F. Mee and others at a rental of £18 17s., was purchased by Mr. W. Bostock for £95. The solicitors for the vendors were Messrs. Bryan and Armstrong, of Mansfield.

  The same evening, at the same place, the properties .... by Messrs. W.S. Spencer, Ltd., was in the market. Lot 1, a grocer's shop, with dwelling-house, bake-house, and store-room, situate at the corner of Market-place and Main-street, the whole comprising about ..... started at £600 and was withdrawn... A plot of land with stabling, etc., containing in all about 1,270 sq. yards, situate in Harper-lane, termed lot 3. Bidding opened at £150, and the lot was withdrawn at £230. The property is copyhold. Messrs. Bryan and Armstrong were again the solicitors for the vendors.

  The members of the Wesleyan choir had their annual gathering on Saturday. Tea was nicely served to about forty members and friends, and this was followed by a few hours enjoyment at games, etc. The election of officers for the ensuing year was as follows:- Mr. Wilson Hill, secretary, in place of Mr. W. Farnsworth, resigned; Mr. A. Ball, choirmaster; and Mr. George Fisher, treasurer.

  Being desirous of providing such forms of literature as are most appreciated by the present day reader, and to get other information that would be useful the Library Committee asked Mr. G.G. Bonser, J.P., of Sutton, if he would favour them with his views. On Tuesday Mr. Bonser met the committee at Huthwaite, and an hour's chat on what has been learned by years of study of the reading public and connection with libraries was very interesting, and will prove most helpful to the committee.

  As will be seen in another column, an inquest was held yesterday in regard to the death of Mr. Tom Kesteven, which occurred under remarkable circumstances. Deceased was a member of an old Huthwaite family, being born at Huthwaite 52 years ago. For many years deceased lived a hard life, and was engaged for short periods by farmers on both sides of the county boundary. For some months Kesteven lived alone in a cottage on Sutton-road, and it was here that Mr. Machin - by whom deceased was frequently employed - found the body. The interment will be at Huthwaite cemetery, the body being placed above that of deceased father.

  This year the C.W.S. factory Cricket Club departed from their custom of having the annual dinner at one of the Huthwaite houses, owing to it being more convenient for supporters to gather at Sutton. The head-quarters of the Club are now at the Travellers' Rest, but the Denman's Head was chosen for the fourth annual dinner, which was held on Monday night. Mr. Welham presided, and he was supported by Mr. White, Mr. Wilcox and Mr. A. Walton. Prizes were handed out by the Chairman as follows:- Batting for Notts. League, Mr. F.B. Pickering, travelling bag; batting for Mansfield League, Mr. J. Wood, biscuit barrel; bowling for Notts. League, Mr. T. Bailey, marble timepiece; bowling for Mansfield League, Mr. W. Moore, gold medal. A musical programme was contributed to by the following:- Mr. P.F. Block, Mr. G. Hodgson, Mr. E. Turner, Mr. W. Pepper, Mr. C.W. Oscroft, Mr. A. Davis, Mr. H. Charlton and Mr. H. Boot. Mr. C.W. Oscroft accompanied. A vote of thanks was acceded the Host and Hostess for the excellent dinner provided.

  Although the Welsh Disestablishment Bill now appears to be well on its way to the statute book, a meeting was organised by the Huthwaite branch of the C.E.M.S., with the object of showing hostility to the Government's action and of its unfairness to the Church, also to emphatically protest against Disestablishment and Disendowment. Whether the weather, or the lack of interest in a measure which has moved to its present position was responsible for the sparse attendance is an open question. The principal speaker was Mr. F. Burrows, who was introduced by the Chairman, the Rev. F.N. Beswick. The following resolution was passed on the motion of Mr. H.A. Simpson, seconded by Mr. Wild:- "That this meeting protests against the Disestablishment and Disendowment of the Church in Wales as being hostile in the cause of religion and a serious hindrance to the work of Christian people in Wales."


  The inquest was held at the Council Offices, Huthwaite, at noon yesterday, on the body of Thomas Kesteven, farm labourer (52), who was found dead in his house, Sutton-road, Huthwaite, on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. H. Bradwell, Deputy Coroner for the district, conducted the enquiry. Mr. C.H. Coupe acted as foreman of the jury.
  The first witness called was Edwin Howard Lowe, The Beaches, Huthwaite, who said he was related to the deceased. He had never been married, and lived by himself at Huthwaite. Witness last saw him alive on Saturday, when he was suffering from asthma, and looked ill. Deceased had had that complaint for at least twenty years. Up to four or five months ago another man lived with deceased, who was a man who liked a glass of beer.
  Richard Dennis, Skegby-road, Huthwaite, told he last met the deceased about 10:20 on Monday night in the Portland Arms. He did not appear to be in drink, and left the house apparently all right about eleven o'clock. He made no complaint, but looked poorly, as he had done for some time past.
  Thomas Machant, farmer, Blackwell, said he went to the deceased's house about 4.30 on the afternoon of Tuesday to ask him about cutting some hay for him. He found the door closed but not latched, and when he went inside discovered the deceased lying dead on the hearth. His jacket was off and his legs were under the sofa. He had apparently been dead for some time. Witness secured assistance, and eventually gave information to the police.
  Dr. Irvine stated that he had made a post-mortem examination of the body, which seemed fairly well nourished, and there were no marks of violence of any kind noticeable. With regard to the internal examination the brain was normal, but the lungs showed signs of chronic bronchitis and emphysema. There was also chronic right-sided pleurisy. There was nothing he could detect abnormal about the heart. In his opinion death was caused by syncope due to the diseased condition of the lungs.
  The jury returned a verdict accordingly.



It is interesting to learn that so far the Insurance Act has made practically no difference in the working of the Mansfield Hospital, and no change is anticipated, for there are no outpatients at the institution. The miners and other workmen have for some years made a practice of contributing towards the maintenance of the hospital, and as far as they are concerned they will be treated as hitherto.


Sutton All Saints ............ 3
Huthwaite United ........... 0

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