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Mr. William Rhodes


This magnificent find by Trev Ashmore holds a privately kept and previously unpublished journal of local happenings. All beautifully handwritten by William Rhodes, his dated and concisely noted entries fully span years between 1830-1881.

Results from national horse race meetings give away his personal interest, and good reason for enjoying regular railway excursions. Just a few choice examples have been transcribed, largely covering events relevant to Hucknall Huthwaite. The fact that William Rhodes was a prominent Sutton figure is testified by finding 1907 mention given in Lindley's book. Quoting that short entry is best way to describe the man himself.

RHODES' YARD.   Whilst this yard is now "no more," still the name after whom it was called is worthy to be kept "green." The late Mr. William Rhodes, less than half-a-century ago, was one of Sutton's most prominent residents. He was conspicuous for his educational abilities, and in addition to carrying on his business as a surveyor and appraiser, he was an able instructor of youth. He was particularly popular as "a recorder of local events" in his day, and many were the wagers that he was able to decide by his well-kept diary. Mr. Rhodes was the owner of some of the property in the yard which bore his name. Approaching the close of 1901, the yard was the scene of a sad calamity, Mr. Charles Aked, a well-known bag hosier, being discovered by the police in the early hours of the morning burnt to death in his home, which was also considerably damaged by the fire. The small, narrow area was requisitioned for the recent Market Place improvements, and the building belonging to Messrs. Fletcher Bros, now occupies the site.

Mr. William Rhodes - A Private Journal 1830 - 1881

1830Sept   7George Shooter murdered by his son Monday morning.
1832Apr   6A great rejoicing on the Feast Friday on acc. of passing the Reform Bill, 37 Flags in Market Place.
Nov30died Hy. Marshall(and left £2/0s/2d )
1834July   3Jesse Naylor killed by Lightning at Stanley.
11Dr. Sales died
25Misham Thomas died
Aug   6Ann Stanhope married
Oct   8Archelaus Rhodes married
Dec31died Oates **
1835Jan.10died John Clarke Butcher
26died Jerrmiah Burrows of Hucknall and Buriell in Orchards
Mar   8died Oratio Beastall
Apr12Sutton Church Roof on Fire
May   5Mrs Davt Mansfield died
Aug   2Betsy Thafs died daughter of T Thafs
Aug   7died Mrs Dobson
Sep16Father died aged 61
23Boot John Married to Mary Clarke
Dec24died James Saxton
1836Jan28died Sam Bower Skebgy.
May18married Sam Saxton
21died Timothy Hall
June27married Mr. Clarke to Mary Burrows
July31married Matthew Dodson to Mary Holes
Aug11died Leavers Joshua
Nov   5Thos Kinders Wife died
21Thos Kinders Sale.
 Christmas Mr Sampson Married
1837Jan   1John Beastall died, son of Chas. Beastall.
Large snow about this time from 10 to 16 feet deep.Mail Coach detained for a day or two. Hope Coach was obliged to be left on the road between Mansfield and Nottingham, and many lost their lives.
14died Mr. Clarke of Hardwick
17died Matthew *****
Feb15died Mr. Richard Tudsbury junr.
Mar   8died Hugh Snr. Blackn***
June   2died Thafs George Denmans
Oct   2died George Knighton
  3died Mr Kellys Wife
  9Royal Mail begins service through Sutton to Nottingham
1839Mar   1Great talk about this time of a Revolution.
Aug16Allsop killed at the Hucknall (Huthwaite) Pitts.
Nov   7Trade at this time very bad in the Framework Knitters Branch, Carpenter the relieving officer for this Union in trouble for defrauding the poor. Dismissal 22nd June 1840.
1840Feb20This day a Relieving Officer appointed, the name of Lancelot Twells, one quite strange to all, recommended by Col. Rolleston and one of Unwin's sort, this man ran away robbing Sutton of several hundred.
1841May   3Died Ed. Unwin Esqr. Magistrate, Sutton Works respected by a few but hated by many.
1842Aug   4Killed Paul Hill of Tibshelf attempting to get on drug shafts was knock'd back by the end of tree ran over by the drug and died the following day.
1843Feb   8Died William Radford, commonly called Blood Radford.
1844Jan16Old Betty Low, Tibshelf, died 104 years and 6 days.
Sep30Sale of the late Dr. Valentine's goods and effects seized on for debt, this man was like a peacock, all outward show - proud and poor. Mrs. Valentine went away from this town on the day of the sale,the last 36 hours she drank only 7s/4d worth ,she went away a good colour with a shilling worth of brandy to breakfast.
1848Feb16died J. Parsons, Relieving Officer and Allsop G. Hucknall(Huthwaite) succeeded him ,if he serves the year out he deceives me ,I know he's too young to bear the burdon.
1850Jan   5Shot in Newton Wood a man in the name of Thorpe of Tibshelf.
1852Sep15 Ben Oscroft said to me that if he saw me tumble down and break my neck he wouldn't gather me up. Because I wouldn't give towards the fireworks when the gas was lighted first.
1854Oct15died Kyte, Forest Side.
Nov28Great fight at the Devonshire Arms between Will Wack (W. Hepworth) and John Blood (John Radford)
1856Oct19Stole Coney Dove's pig.
1857Feb28Buried Mr. Downing of Blackwell between his two wives at Newton in a garden.
1858Feb25Married Soldier Boot, Hucknall Huthwaite.
1860Nov17Died Benjamin Burton ,Hucknall Huthwaite, commonly called Benoni.
1862Mar11Joseph Marshall or Happy Jack,3 months imprisonment for cutting his wifes throat.
Dec   64 poachers tried at Nottingham Assizes , Shaw and Turner 5 years, Wilkinson and Shore 1 year.
1864Sep17Killed himself (young man) at Kirkby by eating plum pudding.
1866July20Betts Thos. transported for 7 years and Freeman 6, for assaulting the Hucknall Police, in Huthwaite at the time lived Tom Betts age 24 and John Freeman age 25, both coal miners.
1867Mar30Pinders Circus here
1868Mar13Fire at Balls Farm House and Cattle, nr.Newton Wood
Apr   2Drowned 4 men in Buxton Pit -- on Moleneux.
Aug25Married G. Adlington, Woodland Cottage, Hucknall (Huthwaite) to Harriet Jennings
1872Mar   8Peter Beader, Hucknall Huthwaite, 2 year to Southwell for striking a man with a Hedge Knife (at Nottingham Assizes)
1875Nov   6Butler and Shaw suffocated in a well in Berristow (and Tom Boot ran it in very fine)
1879Jan27in liquidation John Thomas Boot, Hucknall.
1880Nov16Buried two boys Kiddy and Turner killed at Brierly Hill Colliery

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