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1880's Methodist Concerns

Personally transcribed from the original news clippings stored and supplied by Mrs E Wallace.

1880 Events in Hucknall Huthwaite

PROPOSED NEW METHODIST CHAPEL - It is proposed by the members of the United Methodist Free Church in this parish to erect a new chapel.   A suitable site was purchased some time since in Sherwood street, and plans and specifications of the proposed building will be ready shortly.  The total cost will be about £700, and of this sum £100 was left some time ago by a friend of the congregation, and by means of collections, private subscriptions, and other means about £50 in addition has already been raised in the parish.   The land, which has cost about £100, is already paid for, or nearly so.

TEA AND ENTERTAINMENT - A public tea and entertainment was held in the United Methodist Free Church, as a welcome to the newly appointed captain of the mission (Miss Richardson) on Monday last, when about 50 sat down to an excellent meat tea, provided under the auspices of Mr. and Mrs. Skelton.   The room was crowded in the evening, and the entertainment passed off with great success, and was duly appreciated by those present.   Mr. Bostock, in his recitations, and Mrs. Hinton, in the A B C duet, were irresistible, and created no small amusement.   The singing of Miss. E Marshall, Miss E Allsop, Mrs. White, and Mrs Wheatley deserves great praise, and the other portion of the programme was equally satisfactory.   Mr. Smith was the accompanist.   A dialogue called "The wife¹s mistake," in which Mrs. Hinton, Mrs. White, Miss C Sharpe, and Messrs. Thompson and Price took part, was enthusiastically received.   A short and stirring address by Miss Richardson, and the usual votes of thanks, brought a very pleasant evening to a close.

PROGRAMME - Song, "Honour and arms," Mr. Robinson; duet, "Pulaski banner," Mrs. Hinton and Miss Marshall; song, "No night there," Miss E Allsop; recitation, Mr. Bostock; duet, "Let the dead rest," Miss Allsop and Mrs. Wheatley; song, "The mocking bird," Miss C Sharpe; dialogue, "The wife's mistake;" duet, "All's well," Mr. Sharpe and Miss White; song, "Is that mother bending o´er me," Mr. Bostock; song, "My mother´s grave," Mrs. Wheatley; duet, "Go when the morning shineth," Mrs. Hinton and Miss E Marshall; recitation, Mr C H Coupe; song, "Let me say my little prayer," Miss E Oxley, duet, "A B C," Mrs. Hinton and Miss Sharpe; dialogue, Masters Skelton and Bonsor; song, Mr. Wheatley; song, "Let me near my mother."

Devotional Laying of Foundation Stones

North Nottinghamshire Advertiser 1884

FOUNDATION STONE LAYING - On Tuesday last foundation stones of a new chapel for the United Methodist Free Church (Mansfield circuit) at Hucknall were laid in the presence of a large company of members and friends.   The chapel is situated in Sherwood Street, and is being erected by Mr Shaw, of Sutton Forest Side, the total cost being estimated at £700.   When finished, it is calculated to seat from 280 to 300 persons.

The ceremony commenced at three o'clock, the Rev. Josiah Bennett conducting the proceedings. - After the singing of a hymn, the Rev. R. Davison. stationed minister at Mansfield Woodhouse, read the 84th Psalm, and Mr. Bennett then engaged in prayer.   Foundation stones were afterwards laid by Miss M S Betts, Messrs J Tagg, Evt Coleman, and C H Coupe, and Masters, J P Marshall, J Hardy, Wm. Pickaver, and W H Elston.   The proceeds from these stones reached £24, and a number of bricks afters laid, and a collection, brought the sum up to £40 for the afternoon.

Mr. Henry Marshall conducted the singing.   Afterwards tea was provided in the old chapel, and so large was the company present that the tables were three times filled. - In the evening a public meeting was held in the chapel, overwhich the Rev. Josiah Bennett presided, and addresses were also given by the Rev. R Davison and Mr. R Alcock, of Mansfield.   The collection amounted to £3, so that the total for the day, exclusive of the proceeds of the tea, reached about £43.

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