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Indexed here are some interesting transcriptions taken from local press reports. Family held clippings have been kindly sent and most gratefully received. There are instances where a single paragraph or sentence exposes a small clue in piecing together our local history, including names of Huthwaite families. When ever possible the original dating, author or publisher will be given. This not only aids contextual verification of what are believed being true facts, but also allows transcribed accuracy with checks on any copyright.

This collection finds small topics which alone add historic interest, but these original reports largely provide a useful reference when expanding coverage across many subjects. Progress is slowly made to transcribe all found press columns giving relevant mention of Huthwaite developments from each years edition. The inclusion of obituary and marriage announcements will also hopefully assist families genealogy research.

Please note:- while attempting completely accurate transcriptions, editing out irrelevant wording is simply to shorten lengthier columns - these often reflect old styled punctuation, use of previously accepted spelling variations, plus inevitable inclusion of some typing errors, while great care is taken reproducing all names.

The Free Press archives - Sutton-in-Ashfield Library

Shown above is the Free Press Office when last stood at Sutton-in-Ashfield. First started behind a shop of Lowe Street, it covered a century of changes, once providing much of our localised news. Earlier, lesser known Sutton publications were short lived. Current Huthwaite events are now mainly found covered weeklyChad by the Ashfield Chad newspaper based in Mansfield. It uses modern technology for also publishing website updates, whereas many newspaper publishers were merged or closed before any internet competition.

The internet does however provide new links and leads towards finding further newspaper archives beyond those held among Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire county libraries. While gaining full access for making accurately transcribed records can prove a time consuming and costly affair, this table is aimed at compiling an updatable reference list of some known newspapers holding potential for more future historic research.

Archived PublicationsYear SpanPublic Availability
Derby Mercury1732 - 1928British Library Archives
Nottingham Mercury1825 - 1852 Nottingham Central
Sherwood Gatherer1844 - 1846Charles Plumbe - Sutton
Midland Gazette1846 - 1985 Mansfield Library
Nottinghamshire Guardian1846 - 1900BritishNewspaperArchive
The Notts. Free Press1885 - 1986Sutton-in-Ashfield Library
The London Gazette1899 Todate
The Recorder Mansfield & Sutton1978 - 1986 Mansfield & Sutton Library
Mansfield Reporter 1992 Todate Mansfield Library
Nottingham Evening Post1878 Todate Nottingham Library
Mansfield & Ashfield Chad1952 Todate Website
Nottinghamshire Microfilm IndexingVariousCounty Library References

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