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Huthwaite Symphonic Orchestral Society

Bemused by this undated photograph portraying Huthwaite Band, it is clearly not just a brass or the silver prize band the village is historically represented by. But it could hold one link through the conductors baton.

Mr Charles Aaron Cooper was a talented and highly trained musician. A sketch of his musical career is revealed in the 1935 Notts Free Press archives, which so far offers the only clue for this bands fuller titled, but unknown history. Chas Cooper was appointed Musical Director of the Huthwaite Prize Band in 1911. He did however have broader interests. In 1912 he additionally became conductor of a Huthwaite Symphonic Orchestral Society. A gratifying position held for nine years, benefitting from range of working experience.

Huthwaite Band

Huthwaite Band

Central figure certainly resembles the same Charles Aaron comparably seen in the Huthwaite Prize Band. That at least narrows down the photos age, and era for research. The orchestra are very smartly uniformed, only making it more surprising they have passed by without raising any concert given references at all.

Written 09 Nov 13 Revised 09 Nov 13 © by Gary Elliott