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Ernald H. Lakin

In tribute to Ernald H Lakin, this Huthwaite photographer must now merit classification among local historians through long quoted idiom "a picture is worth a thousand words." Lakin postcard scenes capturing Huthwaite developments find even greater interest beyond Ernald's lifetime as historic reminders behind changing times.

Postcard GreetingsMr E Lakin became a name professionally well recognised beyond this Ashfield district. A reliable photographer, entrusted in presenting fine record of special occasions filling up many family albums. But clients nor friends can reveal much about the man personally, except a greater artistic passion for photography was largely funded holding a job as postman, performed without doubt carrying an opportune camera. Press reports can confirm a church social life actively involved among Sutton Road Methodists. But Ernald lived out a bachelor life, leaving no clue to second name, or easily found record to even assert year of birth or death. Copyright

Chad 1988

Visitors to his home at 25 King Street recall rooms entirely wallpapered by photographs. He used the house as a fully equipped studio in total devotion to perfecting his art. Majority of work may have gone by unseen, because Ernald mainly pursued artistic recognition by entering prize competitions.

Biggest win is found announced in the magazine Chemist & Druggist issue 9th November 1957, who'd presented their highest award from 16,000 national entrants; Grandest Top Prize of £1,000. A clipping from the 1988 Ashfield Chad can't do full justice to a Whiteborough Farm subject, but allows expressing long delayed thanks for 2010 property owners interest.

Based on that outstanding 1957 success, Mr E H Lakin earned lasting public recognition. Perhaps that in turn gave business confidence to promote Huthwaite postcard interests. The Chads 1988 January Past in Pictures feature could be in acknowledgement of recent death, after realising no related heirs to the Lakin Estate. I only saw a small box of original framed prints kept in trust and exhibited at New Street Health Centre, mostly covering more familiar Huthwaite scenes already generally shared and shown by this gallery. Referral for buyers is Picture the Past website. This collection of known Lakin images credits from readers donated albums. Verifying any additional Huthwaite scenes here will help assert Ernald Lakin our pictorial historian.

New Hucknall Colliery
All SaintsAll Saints Welfare BandstandWelfare Pavilion Hill HouseWelfare Pavilion Mill HouseLibrary 1988 EllispoolSutton Road

These now historic scenes generally share broadening appeal. But as well as Ernald's other artistic scenes, plus many privately commissioned works for family weddings, he personally followed church activities. Mac Clarkson's family album shares some of those interests from Sutton Road Wesleyan Church, covering Methodist activities from 1950's into 1960's.

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