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Huthwaite (formerly known as Hucknall-under-Huthwaite) is an ecclesiastical parish on the Derbyshire border. 5 miles west from Mansfield, in the Mansfield division of the county, northern division of the wapentake of Broxtow, petty sessional division, county court district and rural deanery of Mansfield, archdeaconry of Newark and diocese of Southwell. The local Government Act, 1858, was adopted by the parish July 9, 1873, and a Local Board formed, but under the Local Government Act, 1894, the parish was governed by an Urban District Council. By the County of Nottingham Review Order, 1934, the urban district was abolished and Huthwaite transferred to the parish and urban district of Sutton-in-Ashfield, of which it forms a ward. The church of All Saints, erected in 1903, is an edifice built of rock brought up from the local colliery, with Mansfield stone dressings, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave and north aisle, with the base only of a tower, and one bell; three stained windows at the east end of the church were given by Simeon Watson esq. J.P. and Mary Ann, his wife, in memory of their son, John Henry Watson; there are two others given by Frances Dodsley, and one in the wall of the south aisle, dedicated in 1921, to the men of the parish who fell in the Great War, 1914-18; there are 500 sittings. The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £400, in the gift of the vicar of Sutton-in-Ashfield, and held since 1925 by the Rev. Walter Llewellyn Boulton M.A. of Worcester college, Oxford. The vicarage was extended in 1929 by the purchase of one acre of glebe. There are three Methodist churches. A cemetery of two acres, containing a mortuary chapel, was opened in 1889; it was enlarged by the addition of 1 acres in 1912, and 3 acres in 1915.   The New Hucknall Colliery Club and Institute was erected in 1893 by the company, and enlarged in 1912. The Huthwaite branch of the Sutton-in-Ashfield public library was erected in 1912, and has about 1,150 volumes. There is a recreation ground in Sutton Road, and a miners welfare sports ground, pavilion and recreation ground in Columbia Street, Sutton Road.   The principle industries are coal mining and the manufacture of cotton and woollen hose. The Duke of Portland K.G., P.C., G.C.V.O., T.D. who is lord of the manor, and the trustees of Robert Marsh Eckersley Wilkinson Dodsley esq. are the principle landowners. Gas and electricity are available, main water is supplied. The soil is clay; subsoil magnesium limestone. The chief crops are wheat, oats and barley, and there is good pasture land. The population in 1931 was 5,836. By an Order in Council, gazetted 5th May, 1911, part of Sutton-in-Ashfield ecclesiastical parish, containing at the 1911 census a population of 740, was transferred to Huthwaite ecclesiastical parish.

POST, Money Orders & Telegram Office - Letters through Mansfield.

Cemetery, Arthur Evans.

The Mansfield & District Tramways Limited, run a frequent service of omnibuses from Mansfield.

Private Residents
Betts Matthew, 48 Sutton Road
Boulton Rev. Walter Llewellyn M.A. (Vicar), Vicarage, Blackwell Road
Gaston Joseph M.B. Mill House, Sutton Road
Lowe Edwin Howard, Beeches, Chesterfield Rd

Early closing day Wednesday
Abbott J & Co Ltd, grocers, (5 or 50) Main St
Airey Annie Mrs, shopkeeper, 2 North St
Alexander Wallace, dentists, 17 Main St
Bacon Sarah Mrs, farmer, Grange Farm S-in-A
Barnes G & Son, hauliers, 4 North St
Beardsall Albert, confectioner, 63 Main St
Beastall Frances Mrs, fruit & greengrocer, 1 Blackwell Rd
Beresford Mary Ann Mrs, shopkeeper, 9 Sutton Rd
Bettison Frank, farmer, 121 Blackwell Rd
Betts & Broughton, boot makers, 2 King St & 19 Sutton Rd
Bromley Iva Mrs, shopkeeper, 18 Main St
Brunt Bathsheba Mrs, butcher, 5 Market St
Brunt William A. butcher, 177 Sutton Rd
Burrows Edward, beer retailer, offlicense, 25 New Fall St
Cemetery House (Arthur Evans, Caretaker), Sutton Rd
Clark William, boot repairer, 72 Sutton Rd
Clarke Sarah Ann Mrs, confectioner, 207 Sutton Rd
Comery Frank Hedley, smallholder, 13 Springwell Rd
Comery William, farmer, Spion Kop farm, Common Rd
Cooper & Hepworth, billiards room, Sutton Rd
Cooper Charles Arthur, grocer, 17 Sutton Rd
Co-operative wholesale society Ltd,
  (JA Tomlinson, manager, hosiery manuf.)
Critchlow Stanley, fried fish dealer, 33 Main St
Cross Elizabeth Mrs, dairy, 13 New Fall St
Daffin Albert, boot dealer, 70 Main St
Davies Frank, shopkeeper, 39 Main St
Dickens Jean Miss, district nurse, 11 Lime Av
Dobb Frederick Henry, shopkeeper, 209 Sutton Rd
Draycott Bertram, shopkeeper, 20 New St
Edwards H S Elizabeth Mrs, confectioner, 183 Sutton Rd
Farnsworth A & C, motor body builders, Columbia St
Farnsworth George W, forage contractor, Common Rd
Flower John, fried fish dealer, 67 Main St
Fretwell Robert, shopkeeper, 55 Sherwood St
Gascoigne Sarah Mrs, haberdasher, 213 Sutton Rd
Gaston Joseph MB ChB, Doctor, Mill House Sutton Rd
Geeson William, shopkeeper, 82 Blackwell Rd
Gelsthorpe John, plumber, 37 Main St
Glasebrook Arthur, butcher (attends Thurs & Fri) 24 Main St
Globe Tea Co, grocers (J Duckworth Ltd), 20 Main St
Goodall Mary Miss, chemist, 189 Sutton Rd
Gower Edward, farmer, Sutton Rd
Gower Martha Jane Mrs, draper, 65 Main St
Green John, pawnbroker, 17 Market St
Gunby Arthur, painter, 3 Market St
Hallam Bessie Mrs, shopkeeper, 71 Blackwell Rd
Hallsworth Mary Mrs, shopkeeper, 61 Newcastle St
Hardy Charles Henry, coal dealer, 69 Main St
Hardy George Leslie, 93 Sutton Rd
Hardy Harriett A. Mrs, shopkeeper, 82 Barker St
Havenhand Samuel, grocer, 1 Market St
Haywood George, grocer, 179 Sutton Rd
Horsley George Henry, beer retailer, 2 New Fall St
Hucknall Huthwaite Nursing Association, Main St, CH Coupe, treas; HA Simpson, secr; Nurse Dickens in charge.
Hutton Fred, grocer, Market Place
Haley Ethel Mrs, confectioner, 115 Sutton Rd
Imperial Laundry, (Portland Laundry Co Ltd), 9 Sherwood St
Kay John Thomas, baker, 25 Sutton Rd
Keeling William, shopkeeper, 142 Main St
Lane Walter Joseph, butcher, 15 Sherwood St
Lawrence Richard, district superintendent,
Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Ltd, Hill Dene.
Leah Frederick, shopkeeper, 2 Main St
Leeson Charles, joiner, Common side
Leverton Mabel Mrs, shopkeeper, Common Rd
Lineker Joseph, haulier, 49 Blackwell Rd
Lyric Picture Palace, (Reliance Pictures Ltd), Sutton Rd
Mansfield & District Pharmaceutical Society;
  (J Spaanderman, branch sec.)
Marshall Arthur, shopkeeper, 66 & 68 Main Street
Marshall James William, watch repairer, 50 Sutton Rd
Marshal Samuel C, shopkeeper, 96 Common Rd
Martin Joseph, boot repairer, 52 main St
Mays Jim, Stationer, 14 Main St
Mee George, beer retailer, Woodend.
Miller William, boot repairer, 97 Sutton Rd
Moorhouse Henry Reginald, fried fish dealer, 205 Sutton Rd
National Deposit Friendly Society, 83 Main St
  (Arthur Herrod, district sec.)
National Provincial Bank Ltd (sub-branch), Market St
New Hucknall Colliery Co. Limited (D. Charlton, secretary;
E.P.W. Muschamp, mining agent; W.Sharpe, manager.)
New Hucknall Colliery Institute & reading room
  (Herman Wharmby, secretary)
North James, corn dealer, 191 Sutton Rd
Palfreeman George William, hairdresser, 1 Sutton Rd
Parkin Walter, confectioner, 193 Sutton Rd
Peacock PH (George Edward Wilson) Market Place
Perry Frederick, fried fish dealer, 113 Sutton Rd
Portland Arms PH (George Archie Reeve), 123 Sutton Rd
Poyser George Hall, fruiterer, 187 Sutton Rd
Pratt & Coupe Ltd, hosiery manufacturers, 9 Market St
Quayle Lily Mrs, stationer & post office, 201 Sutton Rd
Quick Walter Toplis, dairyman, Blackwell Rd
Rawlins Dora Miss, shopkeeper, 107 Blackwell Rd
Robins Gertrude Mrs, grocer, 39 New Street
Rockley Auriel Kathleen Mrs, corsetiere, 71 Common Rd
Rodgers Samuel, grocer, 32 New St
Shaw John, fried fish dealer, 21 Sutton Rd
Shaw John Henry, fried fish dealer, 149 Sutton Rd
Shoulder of Mutton PH (William Rutter), Blackwell Rd
Smith R. & Son, hairdressers, 15 Market St
Smith Edward, hairdresser, 211 Sutton Rd
Smith James, farmer, Woodland Ave
Spaanderman Pieter Derrick John, chemist, 203 Sutton Rd
Speed Samuel, house furnisher, 111 Sutton Rd
Spencer Olive Mrs, milliner, 95 Sutton Rd
Stanton Hill Industrial Co-Operative Society Ltd
  (George J. Wright, branch manager), 53 Main St
Stone Hetty Mrs, ladies hairdresser, 199 Sutton Rd
Sutton-in-Ashfield Public Library (Huthwaite branch)
Sweetmore Kenneth, butcher, 96 Main St
Swindell John Henry, painter & decorator, 15 Sutton Rd
Thompson Philip, shopkeeper, 20 Sherwood St
Thorpe Sylvia Miss, ladies hairdresser, 139 Sutton Rd
Tomlinson Annie E. Mrs, newsagent, 105 Sutton Rd
Towle Sarah Annie Mrs, boot maker & repairer, 22 Main St
Troman Elsie Doris Miss SRN SCN midwife, 7 Unwin St
Turner´s Stores, house furnishers, 23 & 25 Main St
Vance Ernest Sydney George Killen MB ChB Belf, Doctor, White Hart Inn, surgery 7 Market St
Vardy Annie Mrs, shopkeeper, 57 New St
Victoria Workingmen´s club & institute, North Street
  (Arthur Hardy, steward)
Ward Ernest, confectioner, 13 Sutton Rd
Wilbourne Ernest Wardman MB ChB Edin DPH Camb   Surgeon, 98 Sutton Rd
Wells John Joseph, fried fish dealer, 85 Main St
Westminster Bank Ltd (sub-branch), Market St
Weston Frank, grocer, 78 Main St
White Lion PH (Mrs. Florence Chater) Barker Street
White Swan PH (William Oliver Lawrence) Main St
Wilson HH & Sons, butchers, Main St
Wood J & Son, farmers, 54 Little Lane
Woodhead E & Sons Ltd, grocers, 215 Sutton Rd
Workpeoples Inn (George Shaw) Main St
Wright Edward Arthur, butcher, 50 Main St
Wright George Frederick, pork butcher, 48 Main St
Wright James, beer retailer, Blackwell Rd
Wright John Robert, farmer, 150 Main St

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