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1932 Kelly´s


Clerk & Solicitor, Eric Bertram Hibbert, 45 Westgate, Mansfield.
Treasurer, Henry, Jennings Bosworth, Westminster Bank Limited, Sutton-in-Ashfield
Medical Officer of Health, John N.F. Ferguson M.B., B.Ch.
Surveyor & Sanitary Inspector, Architect & Gas & Water Manager, Ernest Bostock M.I.M.&Cy.E. Sutton Rd
Collector, W.A. Fidler

Cemetery, Eric Bertram Hibbert, clerk to the Council acting as the Burial Board; Robert Bailey, keeper.
The Mansfield & District Tramways Limited run a frequent service of electric cars from Mansfield. There is also a regular omnibus service.

Private Residents.
Betts Matthew, The Elms, Sutton Road
Boulton Rev. Walter Llewellyn M.A. (vicar), Vicarage, Blackwell Road
Gaston Joseph M.B. 7 Market street
Lowe Edwin Howard J.P. Beeches, Chesterfield road
Taylor Abraham, Chesterfield road
Watson Simeon J.P. Mill House, Sutton road

Alexander Wallace, dentist, 17 Main st
Allsop Annie (Mrs.), stationer, 14 Main St
Armeson Mary (Mrs.), china dealer, 59 Sutton Rd
Ball John, Workpeople's inn, Main st
Barfoot Henry, seedsman,, 31 Blackwell rd
Barnes Sarah Mrs, shopkeeper, 2 North st
Beardsall Albert, confectioner, 63 Main St
Beastall & Taylor, fruitiers, 63 Main st
Beresford John, haulier, 55 Sherwood st
Beresford Mary Ann (Mrs.) shopkeeper, 9 Sutton Rd
Bettison Frank, farmer, Main st
Betts & Broughton, boot manufacturers, 19 Sutton rd
Betts & Broughton Ltd, boot manufacturers, 2 King st
Birkhead & Evans, drapers, 6 Market st
Bostock Ernest William, M.I.M.&Cy.E., L.R.I.B.A., M.R.San.I.
  architect, surveyor & sanitary inspector & gas & water
  manager to Urban District Council
Bostock George, carpenter & joiner, Chesterfield rd
Bostock Sydney, builder, Sutton rd
Brailsford Gertrude (Miss) confectioner, 193 Sutton rd
Bramley Elijah, baker, 95 Main st
Brown Vidian, farmer, 121 Blackwell rd
Brunt Bathsheba (Mrs), butcher, 5 Market st & 177 Sutton rd
Burrows Edward, beer retailer, 25 New Fall st
Burrows Thomas, hairdresser, 139 Sutton rd
Buxton Annie (Miss), grocer, 115 Sutton rd
Buxton Arthur, confectioner, 209 Sutton rd
Castle Ernest George, Portland Arms P.H. 123 Sutton rd
Cemetery, (Robert Bailey, caretaker : Eric Bertram Hibbert, Mansfield, clerk to burial board;)
Chapman William, insurance agent, 16 Barker st
Clarke William, boot repairer, 72 Sutton rd
Clarke Sarah, (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, 205 Sutton Rd
Coleman Elijah, confectioner, 207 Sutton Rd
Coleman William Joseph, White Swan P.H., Main St
Connell Marion (Mrs.), dairy, 15 Sherwood st
Cooper & Hepworth, billiard room, Sutton rd.
Cooper Charles Arthur, grocer, 17 Sutton rd
Co-op Wholesale Society Ltd (Harry France, manager), hosiery mfrs TN 66&67
Coupe Florence (Miss), milliner, 76 Main st
Cross Elizabeth (Mrs.), dairy, 13 New Fall Street
Crossley Hosiery Co. Ltd. hosiery mfrs, Crossley av - TN S-in-A 149
Daffin Albert, boot dealer, 70 Main st
Dalton George, beer retailer, 51 Sherwood st
Davis George, beer retailer, Blackwell rd
Dennis Richard, (Mrs.), farmer, New Kiln Lane
Dickens Arthur, rating officer to U D Council, West Hill cott
Edwards Henrietta Sarah Eliz. (Mrs.), confectioner, 183 Sutton rd
Evans Andrew C, draper, see Birkhead & Evans
Evason Maud (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 32 New Fall st
Farnsworth Arthur, motor body builder, Columbia st, TN 178
Farnsworth George W, forage contactor & mer, Common Rd
Farnsworth Rd, farmer, Common Rd
Flint Lily (Mrs.), draper, 28 New st
Gascoigne Sarah Mrs, haberdasher, 213 Sutton Rd
Gascoigne William, Peacock P.H. Market pl - TN S-in-A 175
Gaston Joseph M.B., Ch.B physician & surgeon, 7 Market st - TN 280
Gelsthorpe Jn., plumber, 37 Main st
Glasbrook Arthur, butcher, 24 Main st
Globe Tea Co. (J. Duckworth Ltd proprs.), 29 Main st
Godber Jas., shopkeeper, Blackwell rd
Gower Edward, farmer, Sutton rd
Gower Martha Jane (Mrs.) draper, 65 Main st
Green John, clothier, Sutton rd
Gunby Arthur, painter, 3 Market Pl
Hall Josiah, insurance agent, 19 Columbia st
Hallam Jn., shopkeeper, 71 Blackwell rd
Hallsworth Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 61 Newcastle st
Hardy Charles Henry, coal dealer, 69 Main st
Hardy George Leslie, tailor, 33 North st
Hardy Owen, White Lion P.H. Barker st
Harper William, fried fish dealer, 67 Main st
Hassall Charlie, grocer, 31 Main st
Havenhand Jane H. (Mrs.), grocer, 1 Market street
Haywood Ernald, grocer, 63 Main St
Haywood George, grocer, 179 Sutton rd
Haywood O. & E. shopkeepers, 39 Main st
Herrod Arthur, seedsman, 38 Barker St
Highfield Henry M.P.S., chemist, 13 Market street
Hill Henry, fried fish dealer, 33 Main St
Horsley George, beer retailer, 2 New Fall st
Hucknall Huthwaite Nursing Association,
  (C H Coupe, treasurer;
  H A Simpson, secretary;
  Nurse Dickens, nurse in charge), Main st
Humphrey Leonard, cab propr. 16 New Fall st
Huthwaite Carnegie Free Library, (George Edwin Smith, Librarian)
Huthwaite Hosiery Manufacturing Co. Ltd., hosiery mfrs, 9 Market st - TN 44
Hutton Fred, grocer, Market pl., TN 124
Imperial Laundry (The) (Portland Laundry Co. Ltd. proprs.), 9 Sherwood st
Jones James, butcher, 96 Main St
Kay John Thomas, baker 25 Sutton rd
Keeling William, shopkeeper, 142 Main st
Lawrence William Oliver, beer retailer, 43 Blackwell rd
Leah Frederick, shopkeeper, 2 Main st
Leeson Charles, joiner, Common side
Leverton Mabel (Mrs.), shopkeeper, Common rd
Lineker Joseph, haulier, 49 Blackwell rd - TN S-in-A 170
Lyric Picture Palace (Reliance Pictures Ltd proprs.) Sutton rd - TN 179
Mansell Edwin, boot dealer, 18 Sherwood st
Marshall Arthur, shopkeeper, 66 & 68 Main Street
Marshall Jas. watch repairer, 103 Sutton Rd
Martin Joseph, boot repairer, 52 Main st
Miller William, boot repairer, 97 Sutton rd
Moore Charles Henry, shopkeeper, 15 Main st
Morris Emily (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 81 Main st
Mosley Thomas, butcher, 15 Sutton rd
National Deposit Friendly Society (Wm. Harwood, district sec.), 81 Main st
National Provincial Bank Ltd. (sub-branch), Market street;
Naylor Edith (Miss), ladies' hairdresser, 197 Sutton rd
New Hucknall Colliery Co. Limited (Thomas Day, sec; Percy Muschamp, agent;
Harold B. Stevens, manager)
New Hucknall Colliery Institute and Reading Room, (Thomas Hill, sec)
Newman Joseph, shopkeeper, 18 Main st
North Jas, corn dealer, 191 Sutton rd
Oakley Ernest, teacher of piano, 67 Sutton rd
Oxley Bros., bakers, Unwin St
Palfreeman George William, hairdresser, 11 Sutton rd
Phillips Sam, smallholder, Common rd
Pickering Elsie (Mrs.), haberdasher, 30 Market pl
Quayle Alfred, stationer & post office, 201 Sutton rd
Quick Walter Toplis, dairyman, Blackwell rd
Robins Gertrude (Mrs.), grocer, 39 New st
Rockley William, plumber, 70 Sutton rd
Rodgers Avril Kathleen (Mrs.), corset maker, 71 Common rd
Rodgers Samuel, grocer, 32 New st
Rowe George, grocer, 93 Sutton rd
Severn John, insurance agent, Sutton road
Shacklock Henry Stephen, solicitor & commissioner of oaths, 159 Sutton rd
Smith Edward, hairdresser, 211 Sutton rd
Smith Richard, hairdresser, 15 Market st
Spaanderman Pieter Derrick Jn. M.P.S. chemist, 189 Sutton rd
Speed Sl.ho. furnisher, 113 Sutton rd
Spencer Octavius, milliner, 95 Sutton rd
Sprittlehouse John, insurance agent, Sutton rd
Spurr John Henry, fried fish dealer, 149 Sutton rd
Stanton Hill Industrial Co-operative Society Ltd (branch)
(George J. Wright, branch manager)
Stone Lavinia (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 96 Common rd
Thompson Philip, shopkeeper, 20 Sherwood st
Thurman Ernest A. H. Shoulder of Mutton P.H. Blackwell rd
Tomlinson Albert, insurance agent, 45 Main st
Tomlinson Harry, news agent, 105 Sutton rd
Towle Sarah Annie (Mrs.), boot maker & repairer, 22 Main st
Turner's Stores, house furnishers, 23 & 25 Main St
Vance Ernest Sydney George Killen M.B., Ch.B.Belf. physician & surgeon, Sutton rd
Vardy Annie (Mrs.), fried fish dealer, 21 Sutton rd
Vardy Annie (Mrs.), shopkeeper, 57 New st
Victoria Workmen's Club & Institute
  (Joseph Colley, sec.), North St
Walker Joseph, shopkeeper, 23 Newcastle st
Walker John Thomas, shopkeeper, 53 New st
Ward Ernest, confectioner, 13 Sutton rd
Water Works (Ernest William Bostock, manager)
Wells John Joseph, fried fish dealer, 85 & 87 Main st
Westminster Bank Ltd. (sub-branch) Market st
Weston Andrew, grocer, 78 Main st
Wilson H.H. & Sons, butchers, Main st
Woodhead & Sons Ltd, grocers, 215 Sutton Rd
Wright John Robert, farmer, Barker st
Wright & Sons, butchers, 50 Main st
Wright Martha (Mrs.), draper, 41 Main st

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