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Huthwaite (formerly known as Hucknall-under-Huthwaite) is a town and parish on the Derbyshire border, with a station 1 mile north-west, called Whiteboro', on the Teversal branch of the Midland railway, 2½ miles west from Sutton-in-Ashfield station, on the Ambergate, Mansfield and Southwell branch of the Midland railway, and 5 west from Mansfield, in the Mansfield division of the county, northern division of the wapentake of Broxtow, union, petty sessional division and county court district of Mansfield, and in Mansfield rural deanery, archdeaconry of Newark and diocese of Southwell.   The "Local Government Act, 1858," was adopted by the parish July 9, 1873, and a Local Board formed, but under the "Local Government Act, 1894," the parish is now governed by an Urban District Council of 15 members.   In May, 1911, part of Sutton-in-Ashfield was added to Huthwaite for ecclesiastical purposes.   The church of All Saints, erected in 1903, is an edifice built of rock brought up from the local colliery, with Mansfield stone dressings, in the Early English style, consisting of chancel, nave and north aisle, with the base only of a tower and one bell.   The living is a vicarage, net yearly value £200, in the gift of the vicar of Sutton-in-Ashfield, and held since 1906 by the Rev. Francis Newbold Beswick, of St. Aidan's.   There are Wesleyan, Primitive Methodist and United Methodist chapels.   A cemetery of two acres, containing a mortuary chapel, was opened in 1889 and enlarged by the addition of 1½ acres in 1912, and is controlled by the Urban Council.   The Working Men's Institute and Reading Room was erected in 1893 by the colliery company, at a cost of over £1,000.   The manufacture of cotton and woollen hose is the principle trade of the place, but a large colliery, opened in 1877, gives employment to upwards of 1,250 hands.   The Duke of Portland K.G., G.C.V.O., P.C. who is lord of the manor, and the trustees of the late Robert Marsh Eckersley Wilkinson Dodsley esq. of Skegby Hall, are the principal landowners.   The soil is clay; subsoil, magnesian limestone.   The chief crops are wheat, oats and barley, and good pasture land.   The area is 1,199 acres ; rateable value, £17,807; the population in 1901 was 4,076, and in 1911, 5,235.

Post, Money Order & Telegraph Office - Mrs. Lily Quayle, sub-postmistress.
Letters through Mansfield arrive at 7.30 a.m. & 3.35 p.m.; dispatched at 10.45 a.m. & 6.50 p.m. & 7.50 p.m.; not on sundays.
Letter Boxes - Sutton road, cleared at 8.50 a.m. & 7.10 p.m.; Blackwell road, cleared at 6.40 p.m.; Church street, cleared at 6.40 p.m.; New street, cleared at 6.30 p.m. & Springwell street, cleared at 6.45 p.m.; not on sundays

Urban District Council - Meetings held at Council office, second tue. every month.
Chairman, Thomas Goodhall. - Vice-Chairman, Edwin Howard Lowe.
Members: retire April, 1913. George Adlington, John Elliott Gower, Matthew Betts, William Bostock, Benjamin Smith, Charles Henry Coupe, Abraham Taylor, George Farnsworth, Matthew Taylor, James Fox, Francis Weston, One vacancy.

Officers.Clerk, Eric Bertram Hibbert, 45 Westgate, Mans.
Treasurer, Hy, Jennings Bosworth, Union Bank
Medical Officer of Health, Robert Irvine L.R.C.P.&S.Edin., L.R.F.P.S.Glas
Surveyor & Sanitary Insp., Godfrey Bostock
Collector, John Barnes Cooper.
Gas & Water Manager, Godfrey Bostock.

Cemetery Eric Bertram Hibbert, clerk to the Council acting as the Burial Board; W. Ramsell, keeper.

Public Elementary Schools. Council, New street, opened in 1902, for 360 boys & girls & 260 infants; average attendance, 350 boys & girls & 220 infants; Thomas Goodall, master; Miss E. Shaw, infants' mistress.
Common road (infants), opened in 1891, for 272; average attendance, 250; Miss Mary Cook, mistress.
Church of England, Blackwell road (mixed); the school was erected in 1868, the cost being principally defrayed by the Dowager Countess of Carnarvon & will hold 370; average attendance, 310; Herbert A. Simpson, master.

Railway Station; - Whiteboro', James King, Master.

Carriers, - Now identified as Carters among this extensive commercial business listing.

Private Residents.
Beswick Rev. Francis Newbold (vicar), Dickson Wm, Dunseith on Sutton road,
Irvine Robert on Market street, Watson Simeon J.P. at Mill House off Sutton road.

Adlington Chas., farmer, Station Rd
Allen Saml., hair dresser, Market Place
Allsop Frederick, stationer, Main St
Armeson Robert, china dealer, Sutton Rd
Ashmore Stephen, beer retailer Whiteboro'
Bailey George Robert, Portland Arms PH, Sutton Rd
Barfoot Charles Henry, boot repairer, Sutton Rd
Barfoot Henry, seedsman, Sutton Rd
Barfoot William, shopkeeper, Blackwell Rd.
Barnes Sarah Mrs, shopkeeper, Market Pl
Barnes William, shopkeeper, Market Pl
Bean Geo. William, hair dresser, Market Pl
Beardsall Albert, shopkeeper, Main St
Beckley Esther Mrs, shopkeeper, King St
Bedford John, shopkeeper, New Fall St
Beresford William, shopkeeper, Sutton Rd
Betts S.W.&Son, hosiery manufacturers, Market Pl
Betts Matthew, boot dealer, Main St
Birkhead & Evans, drapers, Market Pl
Bostock Godfrey, surveyor & sanitary inspector
  & gas & water manager to UDC
Bostock Sidney, builder, Sutton Rd
Brunt William, butcher, Market Pl
Burrows Ann Mrs, farmer
Burrows Clement, confectioner, Market Pl
Burrows Hedley Mrs, draper, Main St
Burrows Joseph Chas, carter, Sutton Rd
Burton John William, shopkeeper, New St
Buxton M. Mrs, wardrobe dealer, New St
Cemetery (Eric Bertram Hibbert, clerk to burial board; W. Ramsell, keeper)
Clarke John Richard, fried fish dealer, New St
Clarke Joseph, fried fish dealer, Sutton Rd
Clemerson Alice Mrs, dress maker, Sutton Rd
Coleman Elijah, confectioner & carrier, Sutton Rd
Coleman Everett, milliner, Main St
Cooper John Barnes, grocer & collector to U.D.C.
Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd.
(Henry France, manager), hosiery manufacturers
Coupe Charles H, boot warehouse, Market Place,
    & boot manufacturer, King St
Crompton & Evans' Union Bank Ltd. (sub-branch)
Cutts Thomas, news agent, Sutton Rd
Darch John, shopkeeper, Sutton Rd
Davis E A & Co. Ltd., hosiery man., Crossley Av
Deakin Fdk., fried fish dealer, Sutton Rd
Dennis Richard, farmer, New Kiln Lane
Dickson William Dunseith L.R.C.P. & S.Edin, L.F.P. &
  S.Glas, surgeon & physician, Sutton Rd
Dove Frank, tailor, Sutton Rd
Draper George, dairyman, New Fall St
Evans Charles, boot repairer, New St
Evans Colin, dairyman, Columbia St
Evans De Lacy Campbell, assist. overseer, Columbia St
Evans Thomas A, grocer Market Pl
Farnsworth George, farmer, Common Rd
Farnsworth Thomas, shopkeeper, Blackwell Rd
Farnsworth William, farmer, Blackwell Rd
Fidler John, greengrocer, Sutton Rd
Fincham Charles Frederick, hardware dealer, Sutton Rd
Fletcher Robert, confectioner, Market Pl
Fox WJ & Co. boot manufactures, Sutton Rd
Fox Elizabeth Mrs, grocer Sutton Rd
Fox Stephen, boot repairer, New St
Gascoigne Sarah Mrs, haberdasher, Sutton Rd
Gelsthorpe Arthur, shopkeeper, Sutton Rd
Gelsthorpe John, plumber, Main St
Gent Florence Miss, dress maker, New St
Globe Tea Co. (John Norman, manager), Main St
Gower Edward, carter, Old Fall St
Gower John Elliott, manager Peacock PH, Blackwell Rd
Green John, clothier, Sutton Rd
Gunby Arthur, painter, Market Pl
Hallam James, White Lion PH, Barker St
Hancock William Garside, shopkeeper, Main St
Hardy Arthur, shopkeeper, New Fall St
Harward William, shopkeeper, Sutton Rd
Havenhand Arnold Mrs, grocer, Market Pl
Haywood Arthur & Sons, grocers, Main St & Sutton Rd
Henton Verney, boot maker, Main St
Herrod Arthur, seedsman, Barker St
Herrod Thomas, butcher, Sutton Rd
Herrod William, farmer, Main St
Highfield Henry, chemist, Market Pl
Hill William, blacksmith, Market Pl
Hipkiss Edwin, fried fish dealer, Main St
Holland Hezekiah, White Swan PH, Main St
Holmes Edwin, tailor, Sutton Rd
Hopkins Thomas, ironmonger, Main St
Hucknall Huthwaite Nursing Association,   (C H Coupe, treasurer;
H A Simpson, secretary; Nurse Catherine Maitland, nurse in charge), Common Rd
Irvine Robert, U.D.C. physician & surgeon & medical officer of health Huthwaite district, Market Pl
Jones James, butcher, Main St
Jones Jas. Hy, shopkeeper, Common Rd
Kay John Thomas, baker Main St
Keeling Alice Mrs, confectioner, Market Pl
Keeling William, shopkeeper, Barker St
Kirk Joseph, grocer, Main St
Lawrence Joseph, beer retailer, Sutton Rd
Leah Frederick, shopkeeper, Blackwell Rd
Leeson Charles, joiner, Common Rd
Lomas Ralph, farmer, Blackwell Rd
Lowe Lavinis & Sarah , shopkeepers, Blackwell Rd
Lowe Edwin Howard, builder, Station Rd
Lowe Joseph, carter, Sutton Rd
Marriott Edwin, shopkeeper, Sutton Rd
Marriott Thomas, shopkeeper, Sherwood St
Marshall Jas. watch maker, Sutton Rd
Marshall Thomas, hair dresser, Sutton Rd
Moakes William Richard, beer retailer, New Fall St
Morris William, chimney sweep, Sutton Rd
New Hucknall Colliery Co. (Thomas Day, sec; Percy Muschamp, manager)
Nightingale Geo. painter, Lime Av
New Hucknall Colliery Institute, (John Hick, secretary; Henry Evans, keeper)
Notts Banking Co. Ltd., (sub-branch to Sutton - Ernest Smith, manager)
Oxley Charles, baker, Unwin St
Oxley Samuel, brick maker, New Fall St
Paling George, grocer, New St
Peet Frederick, tobacconist, Sutton Rd
Phillips Chas. Hy, farmer, Station Rd
Spencer William S, grocer, Market Pl
Sprittlehouse J, insurance agent, Sutton Rd
Stanton Hill Industrial Co-operative Society, (George Bailey, branch manager)
Stones Jacob, boot repairer, Market Pl
Swindell A, music warehouse, New Fall St
Taylor Abraham, farmer, Station Rd
Taylor Matthew, bricklayer, Columbia St
Thompson Junior, furniture dealer, New St
Thompson Philip, boot repairer, Sherwood St
Towle William, Hy, boot maker, Market Pl
Trueman Harriet Mrs, draper, Market Pl
Turner Edward & Sons, house furnishers, Main St
Turner Cath Miss, draper, Main St
Union of London & Smiths Bank Ltd., (R Frederick Hubble, sub-branch manager)
Victoria Workmen's Club & Institute (John Hedley Hinks sec), North St
Water Works (Godfrey Bostock, manager)
Watson Simeon J.P. mining engineer, Mill house
Whawall Joseph, insur. & jewellery agent, Common Rd
Wilson Hedley, farmer, Main St
Wood Harold, music teacher, Sutton Rd
Woodhead & Sons Ltd, grocers, Sutton Rd
Wright Geo. Jas, beer retailer, Sherwood St
Wright Jn. Gilbert, butcher, Station Rd

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