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1894 Wright´s

Twelve Miles Round Nottingham

Hucknall under Huthwaite was formerly a township of Sutton-in-Ashfield, but is now a separate parish. It is in the hundred of Broxtowe, rural deanery, County Court district, and manor of Mansfield, and in its own division for the County Council. The village is 3 miles North West from Sutton Station, on the Nottingham and Mansfield and Erewash Valley branches of the Midland railway, and 5 West from Mansfield. There is a station at Wood End, near the village. There is also a branch of the M. S. and L. railway. For ecclesiastical purposes the parish is annexed to Sutton, but a curate resides here and conducts worship at the National school. The Duke of Portland is lord of the manor. The Earl of Carnarvon and Mr. R. M. W. E. Dodsley are the principle landowners. The National Schools, with master's residence, were erected in 1868 at a cost of £1700, which was defrayed chiefly by the Dowager Countess of Carnarvon. A school, with accommodation for 300 boys, was erected in 1891, the cost being defrayed by subscription. There is a Local Board of nine members. A Working Men's Institute has been erected at the cost of the New Hucknall Colliery Co. It includes reading-room, library, &c. Cotton hose are manufactured ; and a large coalfield has been extensively developed by the Executors of the late William Muschamp, Esq., late Mayor of Gateshead-on-Tyne, called the New Hucknall Colliery Company. The village is healthy and clean. The scenery therefrom is magnificent, commanding views of the hills of Derbyshire, including Crich Stand, and the High Tor and Heights of Abraham at Matlock. It is within an easy distance from the grand old hall of Hardwick. In 1869 Ann Mason left by will "Ferny Bank" close, producing about four guineas a year, for the education of poor children. A Cemetery, with frontage to the Mansfield turnpike road, and occupying 2½ acres of ground, has been opened ; and for the better supply of water to the village, waterworks have been erected. The area of the parish is 1225 acres 3 rod 17 perch ; rateable value, £3671 ; and at the last census there were 3022 inhabitants.

National School - Services on Sunday at 8 (H.C.) 10-30 am and 6-30 pm Rev. W. J. B. Kerr, curate-in-charge; Warden, Dr. Tweedie ; Harmonium, Mr. William Allsop. Hymns A. and M.

Local Board. - Messrs. T.C. Birkhead (chairman), Edward Burrows, J. B. Pilsworth, S. Watson, George Farnsworth, Abraham Taylor, S. W. Betts, Saml. Oxley, and John Stringfellow. Clerk, Mr. G. H. Hibbert ; Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Tweedie; Surveyor, Mr. William Dolphin.

Wesleyan Chapel - Services, Sunday 2-30 and 6 ; Monday evening at 7. The old chapel was built in 1815 by the late Mr. Eleazor Boot, who was interred in the Chapel yard, but has since been removed to Blackwell Church yard. The chapel was restored in 1869, by the present Mr. Boot. A new and more commodious building has been erected, and was opened on May 6th, 1890. - Methodist Free Church 1856 Sunday at 2-30 and 6. - Primitive Methodist Church - Sunday 10-45 and 6; Thursday at 7.

Post, Money Order and Telegraph Office - Mr. Samuel Lowe, sub-postmaster.
Letters arrive from Mansfield at 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. ; box cleared at 10-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Nobility and Clergy Mansfield. Rev. W. J. R. Kerr (Curate-in-charge) ; Messrs J. Boot, J. T. Boot, F. Tweedie, and S. Watson.

Commercial Directory

Bakers. Crafts George William, Taylor Abraham.
Bootmakers. Coupe Charles Henry (dealer), Francis William, North William H., Stones Alfred, Stones Henry
Butchers. Brunt William, Clay Joseph, Edwards Frank, Herrod William, Pilsworth John Berriff, Pilsworth Joseph, Stringfellow Jno., Wilson John.
Carriers. to Mansfield Thursdays - Allsop William, Lowe Samuel, Shepherd John.
Cottagers. Allsop Henry, Burrows Edward, Farnsworth William, Shepherd John, Smith John, Wilson John, Wilson Luke.
Dressmakers. Ashmore Mary, Bailey Mrs. Wilhelmina, Dora Mrs My., Hardy Miss Sarah, Hill Mrs. Rosina, Lowe Mrs. Emma, Simpson Mrs. Mary (milliner)
Farmers Allen George and vic. Swan, Allsop William and carrier, Beardall Matthew, Bower Samuel and vic. Portland Arms, Bull John Ward, Burrows Mrs. Jane, Clarke William (Fullwood), Clay Joseph, Coupe John, Dickens William jun. and blacksmith, Farnsworth George, Goodall James, Goodall William (Fullwood), Herrod William and butcher Grange Farm, Hopkins Thomas, Humphrey Henry, Lowe Arthur and vic Peacock, Lowe Misses Sarah and Lavinia and grocers, Pilsworth John Berriff and hosier, Stubbins George, Taylor Matthew and hosier, Thompson Joseph, Wilson John and butcher, Woodhead Miss Ann, Wright Robert and bhs Workpeople's Inn
Grocers and Shopkeepers. Barnes William, Beresford William, Burrows Henry and pork butcher, Burton Samuel, Co-op Stores Cooper John Barnes, Evans Thomas Alfred and boot dealer, Fisher Thomas, Fox Joseph, Hardy Andrew, Hopkins Thomas, Hopkins William and ironmonger, Longden Mrs. Emily, Lowe Samuel and beer rtlr, Post office, Lowe Misses Sarah and Lavina, Oxley Samuel and brickmaker and beer retailer New Fall street, Procter James Arthur, Simpson Marsh, Simpson William milliner &c., Smith Mrs. Sarah, Spencer William Stopard, Taylor Abhm and baker, Wright Joseph.
Hosiery Agents and Manufacturers Betts Saml. Wilson, Burrows Jno. G., Pilsworth John B. and farmer, Taylor Matthew and farmer and shopkeeper.
Joiners and Wheelwrights Leeson Charles, Leeson Samuel.
Publicans Allen Mrs. Sarah v. White Swan, Ashmore Charles beer retailer, Bower Sml. farmer &v Portland Arms, Clay Joseph butcher &v Shoulder of Mutton, Elvidge Thomas bhs Miners Arms, Lawrence Joseph bhs White Hart, Lowe Arthur Rowland v Peacock, Thompson Thomas bhs Royal Oak, Wright James v White Lion, Wright Robert bhs Workpeople's Inn

Allsop Fred, stationer
Allen Samuel, hairdresser
Bailey Henry, chemist and druggist, and at East Kirkby
Birkhead Thomas C. carpet and flock mfr. and commission agent
Blood John, underground manager
Boardman Joseph, master National school
Boot Mr. John, The Sycamores
Boot John Thomas F.G.S & F.R.G.S.I., civil &mng engnr, The Orchards
Bostock William S., stationer
CEMETERY, Mansfield road, Godfrey Bostock, keeper
Coates Charles H., Draper
Day Thomas, secretary at NH Colliery Co., Ltd., h The Hollies, Sutton
Dickins William, senr, blacksmith
Dore Charles, plumber and glazier
Dring Thomas, p.c.
Evans De Lacy C, land salesman, New Hucknall Colliery
Fenwick Percy, pupil to mng engnr
Fox James, enginewright at New Hucknall Colliery
Gascoine Samuel, fishmonger
Hill William, framesmith
Hopkins William, ironmonger, tin-plate worker, plumber &c.
Jackson William, p.c.
Kerr Rev. W. J. B. curate-in-charge
Marchant Will S, draper & outfitter
Marshall Henry, agent Prudential
M.R. STATION, Wood end, Oliver John Haddock, station master
Moakes Miss Jane
New Hucknall Colliery Co, Ltd, Simeon Watson, mng engr & mgr
New Hucknall Colly Reading Room, Newcastle st, Henry Evans, caretaker
North William, clothier & outfitter, and at Sutton
Parr Edward, chemist, seedsman, rate cllr & rgstr to Burial Board
Robinson Thomas, jun, at North's
Severn John, draper & rent &debt collector
Turner Edward, earthenware dealer
Tweedie Francis, surgeon
Watson Simeon, mng engnr & mgr
Wilson Miss Elizabeth
Woodhead Miss Ann

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