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Hucknall-under-Huthwaite is a village and township, in the parish of Sutton-in-Ashfield, 2½ miles west from Sutton-in-Ashfield station, and 5 west from Mansfield, in the northern division of the county, northern division of the wapentake of Broxtowe, union and county court district of Mansfield, situated on the borders of Derbyshire.   The National schools were erected here in the year 1868 at a cost of about £800, the cost being principally defrayed by the Dowager Countess of Carnarvon : church service is performed here by the clergy in connection with Sutton-in-Ashfield.   The Wesleyans and New Methodist Connexion have places of worship here. A Local Board has been formed here.   The manufacture of cotton hose is the principle trade of the place; here also an extensive coal field is about to be developed.   The Duke of Portland, who is Lord of the manor, the Dowager Countess of Carnarvon and R.W.R. Dodsley Esq. are the principle landowners. The soil is clay. The chief crops are wheat, hay, oats and barley, and good pasture land. The area is 1,215 acres and 3 rood ; rateable value £3,779 ; the population in 1871 was 1,547.

Post Office - Samuel Lowe, postmaster. Letters through Mansfield arrive at 9am ; dispatched at 5pm.   The nearest money order office is at Sutton-in-Ashfield.
National Schools John Joseph Sharpe, master ; Mrs. Ann Sharpe, mistress.
Carriers to Mansfield. William Allsop, Samuel Lowe & John Shepherd, thursday.

Private Residents.
Boot John
Boot John. Thos. F.R.G.S.I. The Orchards
Read Rev. Josiah (curate)
Woodhead Timothy

Allsop William, farmer
Ashmore Stephen, beer retailer
Betts William & Sons, hosiers
Bower Samuel, Portland Arms
Brammer Edward, beer retailer
Buckland & Parr, chemists & druggists
  & at Sutton-in-Ashfield
Hurrows Elizabeth Mrs, hosier agent
Burrows Jeremiah, manager to the Co-operative stores
Cail William Lambert, colliery manager
Clark Hannah Mrs., shopkeeper
Clay Joseph, Shoulder of Mutton
Columbine Jonathan, farmer
Co-operative Stores (Jeremiah Burrows, manager)
Coup Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs, linen draper
Crafts William, baker
Cutts James, farmer
Dickens William, blacksmith
Farnsworth William, hosier
Gas Works (Robert Wright, sec)
Herrod William, farmer
Hill William, framesmith
Hopkin Thomas, farmer & shopkeeper
Kesteven Roland, Peacock
Lowe Lavinia & Sarah (Misses), shopkeepers & hosiers
Lowe Samuel, grocer & post office keeper
Moakes Jane (Miss), grocer
Mycroft Matthew, farmer
Pilsworth John, hosier, farmer & butcher
Robinson Thomas, farmer & grocer
Sharpe John Joseph, clerk to local board
Simpson Joseph, shopkeeper
Smith Henry, shopkeeper
Smith Joshua, hosier & grocer
Stendall Gilbert, farmer & beer retailer
Taylor Matthew, hosier & farmer
Turner George, farmer
Wilson John, butcher & farmer
Wilson Robert, White Swan
Wilson Stephen, beer retailer
Wright Robert, grocer & provision dealer,   & secretary to the gas co.

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