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Twenty Miles Round Sheffield

Sutton-in-Ashfield parish, comprises the townships of Sutton-in-Ashfield and Hucknall-under-Huthwaite, both in the north division of the Broxton Hundred, and together containing about 6,840 acres of land, and in 1851 had 7,692 inhabitants.
  SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD is a large village and township, 3½ West South West of Mansfield, contains 6,040 acres of land, and 1851 had 6,512 inhabitants. The Duke of Portland lord of the manor and principle owner, besides whom are several smaller proprietors.   The Church, dedicated to St. Mary, is an ancient structure, with a handsome octagonal spire. The perpetual curacy, value £118, is in the gift of the Duke of Devonshire, and incumbency of the Rev. Wm. B. Stevens, M.A. The Independents, Baptists, and Wesleyan and Primitive Methodists have each Chapels here. The National School, a neat stone building, has recently been enlarged at a cost of about £300 ; about 300 children attend, taught by H. and F. Columbine. Mr. George Oscroft, lately deceased, left £50 to the National School here, and £200 to the Nottingham Infirmary. The Gas Works were established in 1852, by a company of proprietors with a capital of £2,200 raised in £10 shares. The capital has since increased to £3,500. The price charged to the gas consumer is 5s. 10d. per 1,000 cubic feet, with 2s. per annum for a two-light meter. A Police Station is now in course of erection on the Market Place. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in the manufacture of cotton hosiery. The market is held on Saturday, and fairs are held the second Tuesday in April, and the last Tuesday in September ; and a hiring for servants on November 25. In 1830, a horrid murder was committed here by Henry Shooter, on the body of his father, after killing whom he attempted the life of his mother, but the neighbours entering the house, and he finding escape impossible, he cut his own throat and died soon afterwards. EASTFIELD is a considerable village, about one mile from the church. FULWOOD is a hamlet one mile West by South.

HUCKNALL-UNDER-HUTHWAITE is a large village and township, half a mile West North West from Sutton-in-Ashfield, contains about 800 acres of land, and in 1861 had 1,160 inhabitants. It is mostly the property of the Duke of Portland, but there are other smaller owners. The inhabitants are chiefly employed in framework knitting, but there are other branches of minor importance. The Wesleyan and New Connexion Methodists have each Chapels here. The poor of the parish have several small benefactions.

Post Office at William Hill's. Letters arrive from Alfreton at 11.30am, despatched at 3.30pm.

Boot John, mineral surveyor & civil engineer
Buxton John, colliery owner
Columbine Jonathon, schoolmaster
Haslam Thomas, schoolmaster
Mellers John, colliery owner
Mellers William, corn miller

Peacock, Rowland Kesteven
Portland Arms, Rebecca Bower
Shoulder of Mutton, Joseph Clay
Swan, Herbert Simpson

Adlington George
Bacon John
Moakes Jane
Stendall John

Clay Joseph
Pilsworth John
Wilson John
Woodhead Timothy

* are Framesmiths
* Ball James
Dickens William
* Hill William
Rawson John
* Stinson John

Bacon John
Barnes Richard
Beardmore Ann
Beighton Richard
Burton Mary
Burrows Joseph
Buxton John
Cutts James
Else Joseph
Haslam Abraham
Hawley William
Herrod Samuel
Kesteven Rowland
Kesteven Thomas
Lowe Ann
Marshall Thomas
Mellers William
Mycroft Matthew
Pilsworth John
Short Sampson
Shuter William
Simpson Herbert
Stendell John
Tagg John
Turner George
Wilson John
Wilson Robert
Woodhead Timothy

* are Agents
Allsop George
* Burrow Joseph
Burton Mary
* Kesteven Thomas
* Pilsworthy John
* Simpson Herbert
* Smith Joshua
Taylor Matthew (mnfr)

Barnes John
Stones Jacob

Burton Mary
Clarke George
Hopkins Thomas
Lowe Ann
Lowe Samuel
Moakes John
Rawson John
Simpson Joseph
Smith Joshua
Wilson Robert

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