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1844 White & Co.

Hucknall-under-Huthwaite is a village and township containing 887 inhabitants, and 800 acres of land, one and a half mile west north west of Sutton-in-Ashfield; it is principally owned by the Duke of Portland; but John Dodsley, Esq., has also an estate here, besides several smaller freeholders. Here is an extensive colliery, many framework-knitters and two chapels belonging to the Methodists and Independants. The poor have £3 yearly from the bequest of Abraham Haslam, in 1834, and 8s. yearly, pursuant to the will of William Day and another donor.

POST OFFICE, Little Lane; Mr. Charles Plumbe, postmaster; letters arrive by the Alfreton Mail gig at six morning, and from Mansfield at half-past seven evening, and are despatched at the same times.

Adlington Robert
Allsop George, Senior
Allsop George, junior
Allsop John, Fulwood
Barnes Richard
Beardsmore Hannah
Haslam Abraham
Herrod John
Herrod Samuel
Hill Sarah
Johnson Richard
Leeson William
Lowe William
Marshall Matthew
Marshall Thomas
Mycroft George
Short Joseph
Short Sampson
Smedley Maria
Smith Edward
Smith Sarah
Stendall John
Stendall William
Turner James
Ward Mary
Wilson Matthew
Allsop George, hosiery agent
Bacon John, beer house
Ball James, framesmith
Barnes John, shoemaker
Bower John, victualler, Portland Arms
Burrows Jeremiah, victualler, Peacock
Burton Benjamin, grocer & hosiery agent
Butterworth John, hosiery agent
Clarke George, shopkeeper
Columbine Jonathan, schoolmaster
Ellis Elizabeth, shopkeeper
Lowe Benjamin, shopkeeper & hosiery agent
Mellors John, colliery owners
Mellors Samuel, corn miller
Pearce John, shoemaker
Rawson John, blacksmith
Sims Thomas, victualler Swan
Smith Richard, grocer & framesmith
Steemson James, framesmith
Ward Richard, grocer & hosiery agent
Woodhead Timothy, butcher & victualler

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