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1832 White & Co.

Hucknall-under-Huthwaite is a village and township, containing 929 inhabitants, and about 1000 acres of land, bordering upon Derbyshire, and 1½ miles W.N.W. of Sutton-in-Ashfield.   It is situated upon a lofty declivity, and has an extensive colliery, many framework knitters, and two chapels belonging to the Methodists and Independents.   The poor here have £3 yearly, from the bequest of Abraham Haslam, in 1831, and 8s. yearly, pursuant to the wills of William Day and another donor.

Addlington Robert
Allsop George
Allsop George junior
Allsop Hy.
Allsop Junior Fulwood
Bacon John
Bacon Mary
Barns Richard
Bower William
Chambers Thomas
Haslam Abraham
Herod John
Herod Samuel
Hill John
Hill Sarah
Johnson Richard
Lowe Benjamin
Lowe William
Marshall Thomas
Marshall Matthew
Mycroft George
Shepherd Matthew
Short John
Smedley G. Fulwood
Smith Benjamin
Smith Edward
Smith Samuel
Stendall William
Turner George
Ward Mary
Ward William
Wilson William
Wright Jas.
Allsop George,   joiner  
Barns John,   shoemaker  
Beardsmore George,   grocer  
Bower Saml.,   victualler - Portland Arms  
Brooks John,   joiner  
Burrows Jerh.,   victualler - Colonel Wildman  
Burrows Jerh. junior,   schoolmaster  
Burton John,   shopkeeper & beerhouse  
Burton Benjamin,   grocer and agent  
Butterworth John,   hosiery agent  
Chambers Jane,   victualler - Swan  
Clark George,   shopkeeper  
Columbine Mr. Jonathon.
Ellis Elizabeth,   shopkeeper  
Heath William,   corn miller  
Hufton John,   beerhouse  
Machon Joseph,   land agent  
Mellors John,   colliery owner  
Pearce John,   shoemaker  
Smith Richard,   grocer & hosiery agent  
Stendall John,   baker & flour dealer  
Ward Richard,   grocer and agent  
Woodhead Tim.,   victualler & butcher  

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