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1830 Pigot & Co.

No change from previous town descriptions. Comparable difference is seen extracting simply listed Hucknall addresses.


Sutton-in-Ashfield is a parish and populous in a regularly built village, in the same hundred of Mansfield, three miles south west of that town. The manufacturing of stockings, bobbin-net and some cotton sundries, give employment to the chief of the population, and considerable prosperity to the places. The living of the church is in the gift of the Duke of Portland, and the curate is the same as of Mansfield Woodhouse. In 1821 the number of inhabitants was 3,943, but since that census it is estimated that the population has increased to 5,000 persons.

Addlington Robert,   Shopkeeper  
Bower Samuel,   Publican - The Gate  
Burton Benjamin,   Bobbin-net maker  
Burton Benjamin,   Shopkeeper  
Burton John,   Shopkeeper  
Chambers Hannah,   Publican - The White Swan  
Jackson Luke,   Reverend  
Marshall Matthew,   Stone Mason  
Mellors John,   Coal Merchant  
Nixon Charles,   Reverend  
Ward Richard,   Shopkeeper  
Ward Richard,   Hosier & Glover  
Woodhead Timothy,   Publican - Shoulder of Mutton  

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