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Huthwaite United FC

Mr Robert Holland presented Huthwaite United Football Club from his family album. Fronting their White Swan headquarters is where publican Hezekiah Holland afforded team sponsorship to become their recognised president.   Ending a 1912-3 season as local league champions dates reason for the first grouping.   George Reeves is recognised amongst this team, the taller fellow fronting the door was one of the few who did manage to become a professional footballer in the elite English divisions.

1913 Huthwaite United FC1912-3

Hezekiah again stands behind the team within his doorway when marking their following seasons success. He may well also be credited for the squads smartly suited turnout as a reward for winning the Mansfield and Forest Church League Senior Cup.

1914 Huthwaite United FC1913-4Top:- J Herrod - A Rhodes - H Hunt - T H Jones - H Holland (president) - H Burrows - J Smith - W Cooper - L Osborne.
Mid:- J Wilson - A Bristol - J Maltby.   Bottom:- C Johnson - E Oscroft - B Gascoigne - A Bird (captain) - J Butterworth

The 1934 death of a Mr Owen Hardy exposes that White Lion licensee had provided Huthwaite United FC their later headquarters. Rumours of the club being disbanded were quashed by a 1935 report. Huthwaite United missed an October match, but the club was being entirely reformed and would honour its next North Notts. League fixture. The secretary would be Mr. Ingram, whose efforts to keep the club going with newer players would need help both on the field and in management.

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