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Huthwaite Park Rangers FC

Huthwaite Park Rangers teamed up a few months late to see in start of the 1933 football season. Nonetheless, they were not slow or shy at scoring, when netting a clear 13 goals against New Hucknall Ambulance Reserve in their first home and away fixtures.

The initial 15 players were kitted out with white pants and blue shirts distinguished by a white V. Club secretary manager Mr H Guderidge, and Mr W Cooper acting treasurer looked to develop this new club. They sought fairly strong competition from any teams of a similar average 18 years of age, although they appear to remain content playing amateur friendly football. The team next sent to visit Sutton Colliery Colts on 4th Nov was:- Quible, Cockayne and Bostock, Jones, Tuckwood and C Dykes, Denby, V Dykes, Carter, A Dykes and Newman.

Huthwaite Park RangersRecAlbert (Nobby) Collins named these lads who played together inviting any team challengers.
Back Row:- Reeve - Hardwicke - J. Morgan - Cox - R. Cooper - G. Owen     (Chad 2006)
Front Row:- ---- E. Bancroft - A. Morgan - A. Collins - N. Gray               (of Yesteryear)

Rangers Football club clearly claimed name from using the home ground opened by Huthwaite Urban District Councillors in 1932. Often called the old Brick Yard Rec or Roker Park, the old council did however, officially name Huthwaite Park that following year. Priority was given to United and Villa football club league fixtures, although several teams would also regularly share the pitch.

Huthwaite Park Rangers were described as fielding a weaker side when they entertained Tibshelf St. James in February 1935. The resulting draw with two goals each was thus considered a good effort for the named team comprising:- C. Ward; C. Bacon and A. Davis; R. Tuckwood, D. Jones and L. Fox; A. Wright, G. Marshall, H. Smalley, W. Roper and D. Wright.

As the visitors easily defeating Stanton Hill Imperial in May:- C Ward, A Bailey and Bailey, R Tuckwood, R Booth and A Dykes, S Wright, C Bacon, H Smalley and G Marshall.

Alternative use of a Huthwaite West End ground is noted later that year, in order to entertain Huthwaite CWS FC in a Charity Cup competition. A resulting 12-2 defeat suffered by the Rangers FC offers a dramatic comparison between league and friendly football standards. Representing the Park Rangers side were:- Ward, Bacon and Bostock, A Bailey, Bailey and Dykes, Miller, Tuckwood, Smalley, Wright and Arrowsmith.

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