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John Davis Football Club

Junior footballers coached by Mr Rowlston through the schoolboy league show cup winning success, as keenly followed earlier by Rob Barber before being shown among the 1970s school team. Through those later years Mr Bundy took over role of coach, although Mr Rowlston kept in touch as the senior assistant.

1953 New Street School FC1953Mr Bill Townsend shares school memory with names - Teachers are Mr Johnson - Mr Rowlston - Mr Slaney
Back:- John Marshall - Steve Fox - Vincent Oliver - ??? Cooper - Bill Townsend - Terry Furness
Front:- Alan Pearson - Trevor Gascoigne - Colin Weaver - Colin Birch - Archie Brown - Derek Simons
1954 New Street School FC1954
1958 New Street School FC1958Mr John Baines names most when dating year last showing his brother.     David sadly died the following year in a winter sledging accident below Mapperwells hill.     Front:- M Taylor. ? Walvin. L Turner. ? Dennis Cook
Back:- ? Brunt - J Oakley - E Smith. D Baines - J Cannon - I Inks - F Renshaw.
1962 John Davis FC Cup Winners1962Mrs Linda Edwards offers names updated by Mr S Davies whom went on to teach plus manage for 13 Framing the Sutton Schools District Football team which trained Friday evenings in this schools barn.
Two familiar teachers here are:- Mr Johnson and Mr Rowlston
Back:- Stan Davies - Ian Bunting - Gary Edwards - Irvin Robinson - Alan Thompson - Ralph Alcock
Front:- Phillip Lane - Alan Reeves - Ian Baker - Stephen Buxton - Dennis Kendall
John Davis Football Team1970s
John Davis Football TeamJohn Davis FC
1971 John Davis FC - Burrows TrophyBurrows TrophyRob Barber also provides names for:- Teachers Mr. Rowlston and Mr. Bundy
Back:- R. Barber - G. Stendall - S. Taylor - R. Allen - A. Beresford - M. Butler - S. Slack
Front:- P. Hallam - S. Hayes - K. Harrison - A. Bacon - G. Hayes
1971 John Davis FC @ Shoulder of MuttonShoulder of MuttonTea at Shoulder: licensee Mr & Mrs Eric Crump; sports master Mr D F Bundy; senior assistant Mr A W Rowlston.
Team centre, John Longbottom - Robert Betts - Steven Wallace - Ross Pickbourne - Howarth Cutts - Michael Bramley - K Harrison
Front: Rob Barber - Alan Thacker - Gary Hallam (captain) - David Hinks - Alec Bacon
1972 John Davis FC1971-2Andy Pope claims this successful team were unbeaten winners in the Sutton Schools League, William Morris Cup and joint holders of a Payne Cup. Names are additionally supplied by Rob Barber
Teachers - Mr Bundy - Mr Goulding (head) - Mr Rowlston
Steve Taylor - Micky Butler - Paul Weaver - Nigel Hill - Roger Hill - Richard Allen - Phillip Hallam - Grant Stendall
Andrew Beresford - Alec Bacon - Robert Barber - Kevin Harrison - Steven Hayes - Gary Hayes
1972 John Davis FC Cups1972 CupsBack:- Mr. Bundy - Jock Robinson - Mr Elliott - Danny Williams(Mansfield Town Manager) - Mr Goulding (Head) - Mr Rowlston
Front:- Alec Bacon - Phillip Hallam - Robert Barber - Kevin Harrison
1978 John Davis FC District Champions1978 CupLee Anderson holds the team cup representing 1997-8 District Champions
1980 John Davis FC1980

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