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Huthwaite Football Club

Last known football club to achieve cup winning league success was a simply named Huthwaite FC through the 1980's. They were teamed and managed by Trev Wass, playing through different colour strips to acknowledge seasonally acquired local sponsors.

Huthwaite FCHuthwaite FCKev Murfin presents what may be the initial team, whom, under local sponsorship of Synseal, claimed Huthwaite Park for their home ground.

Huthwaite FC joined the Sutton and Skegby League in 1980. They distinguished themselves in that first season by firmly remaining anchored to the bottom of that table without a single win. However, over the next six years they became the talk of Nottinghamshire by storming to the forefront among the local leagues. By 1987 the football club had collected 11 trophies, including an astounding treble win which claimed the Central Midlands League Premier Division, Premier Division Cup plus Notts Senior Cup.

Huthwaite FCHuthwaite FC Steve Caunt presents named for:- Back:- Ian Hallam - Alan Thacker - Colin Thacker - Stuart Thompson - Sue ????
Middle:- Don Collins - Pete Parkes - John Parsons - Steve Harris - Clive Churm - Kev Newton - Trev Wass - Alan Pegg
Front:- Kieran Smith - Steve Bush - Steve Cooke - Gary Hallam - Richard Denby - John Clayton - Colin Gregory
Huthwaite FC - Notts. Senior and League Cups 1987Huthwaite FCSteve Caunt identifies the full squad in no particular order:-
Paul Watkins - Karl Davies - Gary Hallam - Stewart Thompson - Chris Lee - Sam Taylor - Andrew Ferenc - Denise Ferenc - Chris Griffin - Paul Marsh - John Parsons - Stephen Shaw - Stuart Roden - Cobba Harrison - Archie Rowbotham - John Madin - Alan Wass - Kev Newton - Alan Thacker - John Miller

Displaying their amassed trophy collection appears to front an old CWS pavilion. It suggests use of that Sutton Road pitch, after firstly making Huthwaite Park their home ground. Being able to secure use of a suitable future pitch proved more problematic. Having ultimately dominated their league, divisions and cup fixtures, Trev's next goal was stepping up the club into the Supreme Division. Discussing shared use of Alfreton Town club facilities frustratingly came to an abrupt end, resulting in the Trev Wass side ultimately being folded.

The Huthwaite Football Club were eventually reunited for a charity match organised by Ernie Moss to challenge his Allstars XI. This special event dated 20th July 2008 also managed to raise funds towards a Special Baby Care Unit at Kings Mill Hospital.

Huthwaite FC v Ernie Moss's Allstars 2008Huthwaite FC

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