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Kicking off possible future expansion into more football related interests, begins by introducing some lesser recognised past clubs. When most public houses could offer a headquarters, or even rally together their own football team, like a Top Ten XI or Huthwaite Peacocks, match reports can also identify the Huthwaite Night School, Huthwaite Ambulance and Huthwaite Parish Church. They also give mention to some older playing fields, while the company sports grounds provided for a New Hucknall Colliery and large C.W.S. factory enabled both of those to play reserve squads amongst fuller variety of teamed competitions in local league fixtures.

1904 Hucknall Huthwaite Trinity FC1904

The football dates 1904 beneath initials H.H.X. Judging by smart kits, button holed representatives and cause for such an early photograph, they must have marked a successful season, hopefully to be found reported. Scenic background most probably locates the old Blenheim ground off Little Lane, also shared by Hucknall Huthwaite West End plus Huthwaite Peacocks. But these youngsters may well represent the nearby church school on Blackwell Road when featuring a couple of Bower related names identifying Jim (Griff) Griffiths in front row second left, plus Fred Hallam.

The past Blenheim Ground situated somewhere off Little Lane may have been the same alternatively named West End Ground. A flattish area used for ball sports top side an undeveloped Main Street may present reason why Sherwood Street used to be known as the Park. Huthwaite schools would later be equipped with a playing field to promote healthy sports activities. One pitch shared by many successive and successful football clubs was opened 1932 by Huthwaite Urban District Councillors, who officially named Huthwaite Park the following year. Here's one club who shared regular use of that facility, before renaming it Brierley Forest Park.

1970 Columbia Athletic1970 FCFirst presented to Chad Yesteryear by Mrs L. Edwards also offering these names.
Mick Ward - Alan Wood - Gary Edwards - Ian Bunting - Merv Bettison - Pete Houghton - Ron Gregory
Jeff Watson - Tony Betts - Roy Johnson - Roland Allsop - Mick Marriott
1976c Betts & Broughton Charity FC1976c FC
Workers recall teaming up for a loosely dated charity match refereed by ex Mansfield Town captain Sandy Pate.
?, Marion, Jeff Ray, Christine Bonser-Ray, Sheila Denby, Sheila Bough.
?, Joan Brooks, Janet Broughton, ?, Sandra Lotosky.

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