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Huthwaite CWS FC

The Huthwaite CWS Football Club eagerly made good use of their own home ground from 1932, a year before its official 1933 opening.   A simple black and white kit distinguished this CWS factory Football Club, with their first team joining a locally popular Sutton and Skegby League. Dave Stones unveils a large collection of undated teams, which does include their reserve side.

Huthwaite CWS Football ClubCWS FC

Season ending 1933 finds them Division II runners-up. They also reached the League Cup Competition semi-final stage, to be just beaten by a deciding goal after five hours football against the division champions Mansfield Invicta.

Stepping up into the Sutton and Skegby League 1st Division is where they elected to remain for a second season, when their 1935 annual dinner confirmed entry into the CWS Inter-Depot Cup Competition, while agreeing their reserve team play friendly matches.   Elected officials were:- President; JA Tomlinson, vice-presidents; G Davis, Wm Leach and C Hancock. Treasurer; E Tuckwood, financial secretary; F Auld, secretary; Mr Jordon, assistant secretary; V. Wass, committee Messrs. S Bent (chairman), J Boot, H Darnells, E England, L Hall, A Lee, R Oliver, E Osbourne, H Price, S Sullivan, B Robinson, F Rowbotham, H White and C Vardy.


For the second year in succession they gained third place in the Sutton and Skegby League 'A' Section, although this time they did win the Huthwaite Charity Cup, presented to Mr. A. Dallison as team captain, plus 16 medals for the players. They later announced desire to start the 1935 season competing in the Erewash Valley League. Among their new Derbyshire rivals, they were firstly drawn away to Alfreton United before entertaining South Normanton Vics in those Tuesday night fixtures.

Representing the full squad were:- Goalkeepers, V T Crompton and R Illsley: full-backs, S Marshall, R Booth, A R Dallison and R Saxton; half-backs, R Jones, E Dyment (captain), C Hassall, A Pegg, B Herrod and E Walters; forwards, G Bunning, H Brunt, J W Boot, A Betts, C Marshall, F Wain, L Bowler, A Copley (vice captain), A Barsby, E Halham, A Bailey and H Heath.

Huthwaite CWS FCCWS FC
Huthwaite CWS FCdsf09
Huthwaite CWS FCCWS FC
Huthwaite CWS FCCWS FC
1938 CWS ReservesCWS FCStood:- G Reeves (linesman) - H Cope - F E Dyment - E Dyment - K Bullock - R Jones - R Booth - J Smith (trainer)
Sat:- A Hill (kitman) - J Clarke - C Neale - F Turner - K Powell - G Bunnings - J Greaves - J Boot (secretary)

Alec Owen recalls playing through the late 50's with the likes of Bill (Nobby) Clarke, after following star players through the 40's such as Hedley Williams, Tommy Simms, Elliot Dyment, Les Marshall and Albert (Killer) Fox.

Philip Ward teamed up between 1963 and 1967 and could also recall Les Marshall among their CWS factory cricket team.

Huthwaite CWS FCCWS FC

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