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Huthwaite Colts FC

Describing youngsters as Colts became the generally adopted method of naming organised clubs independent of school teams.02030105

Huthwaite Colts did recognise one Football Club formed in October 2001. Mr Wayne Lovegrove claimed position of head coach for teaming up a number of children who'd been having a kick about on the Huthwaite Welfare Park off Columbia Street.

They became affiliated to Nottinghamshire Football Association in June 2002.   Making use of Barker Street school facilities, then known as John Davis Primary, allowed this club to expand into four teams covering all 7-15 age groups. Their first presentation evening dated for 26th October 2002, proudly announced the Under 15 team had been sponsored by Tastybake on Market Street.


The clubs invitational leaflet also announced they'd received a grant from the North Nottinghamshire Local Community Fund. That sought to make Huthwaite Colts FC a recognised FA Charter Standard Club, fully facilitating approved Coaches.

Unable to attend the clubs anniversary buffet held in Huthwaite Leisure Centre missed another good photo opportunity to feature the teams progress, as there own website didn't offer many updates.

A National Lottery Funded grant for £4,878 was to be realised in September 2004. It was awarded to cover facility hire, training equipment and diplomas by funding two extra weekly training sessions. But the Colts footballing prowess went by unrecorded, noting their website address was no longer in use.   The Huthwaite Colts name has apparently returned though.

Huthwaite Colts Football Club

The latest football club claiming current Huthwaite Colts title was established in 2016, by initially teaming up junior boys and girls. It is still evolving into forming different teams representing various age groups. Many young ladies now enjoy playing this competitive sport, and having later sided a Ladies Under 13 team, this Colts Football Club appears to be encouraging mainly female players.


Facebook is now typically chosen for displaying club details, so the linked photos will provide contacts and any further information.

25 Jun 18     by Gary Elliott       Updated 25 Dec 18