World War Memorabilia

Distinguished 1945

WW1 victims were offered tribute with a personalised coin issued to bereaved families. These commonly became termed either a Death Penny or Widows Penny. This one on a web auction actually names one Robert W Moakes.

A 1945 veterans certificate recognises distinguished service of Driver Arthur Stones, my mothers uncle.

Death Penny

Printed silk ribbons were once a fasionable way of remembering any loved ones. Mrs Nicol Dale found three bearing Huthwaite reference within an old book, including this WWI dedication to Bernard Bailey.Memorial Ribbon

The following memorabilia has been kindly shared by Malcolm (Mac) Clarkson, who received these items as a Huthwaite school boy and Sutton Road Methodist. The New Testament was an Active Service Edition, issued for comfort to everyone serving in his majesties Forces. Inside page shows this particular copy was issued Alan Smith in February 1943. He left Carnarvon Grove, Huthwaite heading for the Western Front, and whom on his return then presented Mac with this momento for xmas 1949.

New TestamentNew Testament1946 certificate

The certificate signed by George R I (King George VI Rex Imperiator) bears the date 8th June 1946, when apparently given to all school children as a momento of the nations joint efforts. The reverse side offers the following list, beneath which is room for noting any family names in memorial to their active services. Like many local coal mining families, the war effort made by Mac's elders was continuing a reserved occupation.


SEP  1. Germany invaded Poland
SEP  3. Great Britain and France declared war on Germany ; the B.E.F. began to leave for France
DEC13. Battle of the River Plate
APR  9. Germany invaded Denmark and Norway
MAY10. Germany invaded the Low Countries
JUNE  3. Evacuation from Dunkirk completed
JUNE  8. British troops evacuated from Norway
JUNE11. Italy declared war on Great Britain
JUNE22. France capitulated
JUNE29. Germans occupied the Channel Isles
AUG  8 -OCT 31. German air offensive against Great Britain (Battle of Britain)
OCT28. Italy invaded Greece
NOV11 -12. Successful attack on the Italian Fleet in Taranto Harbour
DEC  9-11. Italian invasion of Egypt defeated at the battle of Sidi Barrani
MAR11. Lease-Lend Bill passed in U.S.A.
MAR28. Battle of Cape Matapan
APR  6. Germany invaded Greece
APR13-DEC 9. The Siege of Tobruk
MAY10. Formal surrender of remnants of Italian Army in Abyssinia
MAY20-31. Battle of Crete
MAY17. German battleship Bismarcksunk
JUNE22. Germany invaded Russia
AUG12. Terms of the Atlantic Charter agreed
NOV18. British offensive launched in the Western Desert
DEC  7. Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour
DEC  8. Great Britain and United States of America declared war on Japan
FEB15. Fall of Singapore
APR16. George Cross awarded to Malta
OCT23-NOV 4. German-Italian army defeated at El Alamein
NOV  8. British and American forces landed in North Africa
JAN31. The remnants of the 6th German Army surrendered at Stalingrad
MAY   Final victory over the U-Boats in the Atlantic
MAY13. Axis forces in Tunisia surrendered
JULY19. Allies invaded Sicily
SEP  3. Allies invaded Italy
SEP  8. Italy capitulated
DEC16. Scharnhorst sunk of North Cape
JAN22. Allied troops landed at Anzio
JUNE  4. Rome captured
JUNE  6. Allies landed at Normandy
JUNE13. Flying-bomb (V.1) attack on Britain started
JUNE     Defeat of Japanese invasion of India
AUG15. Paris liberated
SEP  3. Brussels liberated
SEP  8. The first rocket-bomb (V.2) fell on England
SEP17-26. The Battle of Arnhem
OCT10. The Americans re-landed in the Philippines
JAN17. Warsaw liberated
MAR20. British recaptured Mandalay
MAR23. British crossed the Rhine
APR25. Opening of Conference of United Nations at San Francisco
MAY  2. German forces in Italy surrendered
MAY  3. Rangoon recaptured
MAY  9. Unconditional surrender of Germany to the Allies ratified in Berlin
JUNE10. Australian troops landed in Borneo
AUG  6. First atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
AUG  8. Russia declared war on Japan
AUG  9. Second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki
AUG14. The Emperor of Japan broadcast the unconditional surrender of his country
SEP  5. British forces re-entered Singapore

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