Victory Celebrations

Two victorious UK dates were nationally celebrated in the success of allied nations ending World War Two. Full surrender of German forces and a relieving end to Hitler's war was marked on 8 May 1945 as Victory in Europe or VE Day. The concluding surrender marking Victory in Japan or VJ Day came on 15 August 1945.

Barker Street

George StreetVE Day party shown above on top end of Barker Street must have been sited not only on highest point in Huthwaite but over all Nottinghamshire.

In rear yards shared between Mr Naylor and Mr Peters, here are children enjoying a VE Day party on George Street. Three gentlemen stood at back are identified from Mike Smith's family album to be Mr Peters, Mr Arthur Beresford and Mr Stacey. Miss Joyce Beresford is probably sat with back to the camera, second left off center. This street was built within the far east fringes of Huthwaite, lastly branching north of the main Sutton Road. Boundary changes are claimed to have divided the facing houses with a shifting borderline. Although designated since to fully fall within Sutton-in-Ashfield, many original residents, especially along west side, long considered themselves part of a close Huthwaite community.

Upon the opposite Huthwaite boundary on far west adjacent Derbyshire, is where the next Woodend party is shown sited. Press reportage adds names for all those attending and Mr Trev Ashmore can still recall proudly winning 10 bob in the sports events, in a running race along the familiar long and narrow field.

Victory Tea at Huthwaite
Woodend, Huthwaite's "outpost," was in festive mood on Saturday, some 110 children drawn from Woodend, Woodland Avenue, Strawberry Bank and Chesterfield Road, being entertained to a Victory tea. The weather was perfect and the organising committee had worked untiringly to make the event a success. The chairman was Mr. F. Pope, the hon. secretary, Mr. J.T. Thorpe; and the treasurer, Mr. J.W. Henstock. Funds had been raised by the sale of the fire-watching appliances of Sector D.61, and the services rendered by Mr. W. Bunting, of the Railway Inn, were a welcome feature. Tea was served on Mr. Buntings lawn, and consisted of tongue, potted meat, cake, pastries and trifles and tea in unlimited quantities. There were also ices, mineral waters and sweets. During the meal Mr. Victor Buxton played pianoforte selections and also accompanied community singing. The ladies' committee, who did the catering and serving, consisted of Beresford (secretary), Buxton, Herrod, Wilkinson, Bonser, Alcock, Hutchinson, Ashmore and Ashley. Tea for the grown-ups followed, and then sports were held for the youngsters on Mr. Burton's field adjoining. Money prizes were presented, the funds having been given by the fire-watching group, and collected by Mr. Thorpe. At the close of the programme a vote of thanks was proposed to Mr. Bunting for the use of his lawn and piano, to Mr. Burton for the field, and to all helpers.
Railway InnLily Wombwell, Gert Dobb, Winnie Beresford, Evelyn Smith, Madge Lee, Lily Machin, Jessie Brown, Henry Herrod, Gwen Cash, Phillis Bonser, Margery Alcock, Linda North, Cilla Wass, Annie Flowers, Madge Herrod, Mrs Reddington, Mrs Ashley, Mrs Swain, Mrs Ashmore, Margaret Pope, Mrs Hatten, Mrs Machin, Freda Barlow, Annie Hutchinson, Len Wilkinson, Lena Wilkinson, Connie Crompton, Gillian Crompton, Pheobe Ellis, Jack Wilson, Mark Swain, Elsie Wilson, Doris Wilson, Jack Bunting, Edna Sowter, Fred Pope, Jack Hetton, Mr Wilson, Mrs Hutchinson, Albert, 'Tid' Severns, Mr Machin.

Columbia StreetLooking for names from what looks like Columbia Street celebrating VE Day on the Huthwaite Welfare Park. And Mrs Mavis Radford shared VE Day group fronting the past White Swan pub last run by G. Poyser.White Swan

VJ Day

The scene below was confirmed by Mrs Agnes Brooks fronting her fathers Market Street property on August 18th 1945. VE Day And sharing those nationwide VJ Day celebrations, a group of Common Road School mums.VE Day

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