Huthwaite Personalities

Wilfred Hardy

Mr Wilfred Hardy from Huthwaite called himself the "world champion of the tattooed" when being examining abroad by French TV entertainers. This photograph from that broadcast is found reported by the Lakeland Ledger 23rd Sep 1981. 1981 Sep 23 Lakeland Ledger Murielle Hess and Jacques Martin wisely chose to believe his claim, that with exception of face and toenails, every other part of his anatomy has a "printed and colourful aspect".

According to Tattoo archive, the first 1980 version of the Guinness Book of Records recognised a much photographed George Zastrow as the most tattooed living man. But from the 1985 edition, Hardy gained his world record status by having the most coverage to within 4% on his entire body.

2006 Model

Wilfred has since been immortalised inside the Italian Museum of Curiosities at San Marino. This model of him was revealed in a 2006 review. Displayed rotating within a mirrored cabinet as you go in, an information board stated the extraordinary extent of his coverage, and not all of it readily visible when they presented:-

The World's Most Tattooed Man

"Wilfred Hardy of Huthwaite, Nottinghamshire, England has had not just 96% of his skin covered with tattoos but his tongue, gums and the inside of his cheeks as well".

Written 12 Nov 13 Revised 12 Nov 13 © by Gary Elliott