The Hill Family

Many thanks here for the families collaborating input.   An honour meeting Mrs A M Brooks who's Huthwaite birth dated year 1910. Agnes Marjorie remained a respected resident, clearly able to share some remarkable village memories, and a family album confirming her own certified 2002 world record spanning five diamond weddings all related through her Hill family.   And if that wasn't astonishing enough, then Mr Gordon Sugg updates knowledge further clarifying his family links have set a higher 2004 World Record.

Setting 2004 World Record for Six related Diamond Weddings

Married couples celebrating a 60th anniversary are still rare. So the reported 1913 diamond wedding in Huthwaite was not only a welcome first for this Hill family, but also among this village.   Witnessing then four great grandchildren, William and Rose Anne had unknowingly begun a remarkable collection of family jewels.   Spanning four generations for an updated 2004 entry in the Guiness Book of Records still gives wedded hope yet that others may update record from the current six related diamond weddings.

Six Diamond Weddings Among Four Generations.
William Hill and Rose Anne Boot 28 Dec 1853 - 1913
Thomas Hill and Agnes Wilson 25 Apr 1886 - 1946
George William Whittaker and Ethel Keeton 20 Dec 1919 - 1979
Cyril Bernard Hill and Nellie Hall 31 July 1929 - 1989
Agnes Marjorie and Francis Alfred Brooks 3 Nov 1934 - 1994
Gwendoline Mary Wass to Gordon Sugg 28 Feb 1942 - 2002

William & Rose Anne Hill - 28 November 1853-1913

William Hill - born at Alfreton on 10 Mar 1829, died at Huthwaite Oct 1924,   an only son of Samuel and Martha, but elder step brother to Robert Wright following his mothers remarriage.

Rose Anne Boot - born at Chesterfield on 06 May 1833 died at Huthwaite 1916,   the second daughter of John and Anne Boot and the fifth of their six children.

Married 28 Nov 1853 at Swanwick Baptist Chapel by registrar Mr F Mather.   This couple had six children.

Thomas & Agnes Hill - 25 April 1886-1946

Thomas Hill - born at Hucknall Huthwaite 16 Jun 1867 and died here 19 Jun 1953,   a son and eldest child of the above William and Rose Hill.

Agnes Wilson - born on 12 Jan 1868, died 23/12/1947,   a daughter of John and Martha Wilson.

Married 25 Apr 1886 at St Marys Church, Sutton-in-Ashfield,   by a Reverend Frederick Brodhurst.   This couple had eight children.

Photo wanted for Mr & Mrs Whittaker - 20 Dec 1919-1979

George William Whittaker - born 18 May 1891,   a son of George Whittaker and Paulina Anna Hill who married 14/04/1880.

Ethel Keeton was born 01 Aug 1895   a daughter of parents not yet identified.

Married 20 Dec 1919 at Sheffield.

Bernard & Nellie Hill - 31 July 1929-1989

Cyril Tom Bernard Hill - born 15 Feb 1897, died 08/08/1897,   a son of Thomas and Agnes Hill above in Hucknall Huthwaite.

Nellie Hall - born 02 Feb 1903, died 21/08/1993,   a daughter of Herbert and Hester Hall.

Married 31 Jul 1929 at All Saints Church Huthwaite   by the Reverend William Boulton.

Francis & Marjorie Brooks - 03 November 1934-1964

Francis Alfred Brooks - born 15 May 1911, died at Huthwaite 09 July 1995,   a son of Samuel and Elizabeth Brooks.

Agnes Marjorie Hill - born Huthwaite 05 Jul 1910, died at Huthwaite in November 2005,   a daughter of Thomas and Agnes Hill of Huthwaite.

Married 03 Nov 1934 at All Saints Church Huthwaite   by the Reverend William Boulton. (Confirmed in 2002 after setting a World Record)

Gordon & Gwen Sugg - 28 February 1942-2002

Gordon Sugg - born 12 Oct 1919, lives at Kirkby-in-Ashfield,   a son of Frederick and Bertha Sugg.

Gwendoline Mary Wass - 18 Aug 1920, lives at Kirkby-in-Ashfield,   the 4th child of Arthur Wass and Rose Eleanor Hill.

Married 28 Feb 1942 at St Marys Sutton-in-Ashfield   by the Reverend Sydney Butler.(Confirmed in 2004 resetting a new World Record)

Written 05 Jan 07 Revised 18 Apr 09 © by Gary Elliott