The Hill Family

Postmaster of Hucknall-under-Huthwaite

Etymology confirms that the Old English surname given Hill is derived from simply referring to those living on or near a hill. No great surprise really, except from not finding origins based among our earliest village settlers when considering our similarly appropriate naming for Huthwaite. Whilst recognising a later influx of unrelated mining families arrived commonly sharing this now familiar name, the respected notability of a William Hill begins branching out into finding many ancestral connections he first rooted in Huthwaite.

Our first known Hill family members introducing surname into Hucknall-under-Huthwaite comes from tragic reports of a young fathers accidental death. A Samuel Hill had wed Martha and the young couple set up home in Alfreton, Derbyshire starting a family with their baby son. Samuel presumably earned his living as a carter when, in September 1830 at Wessington his untimely death was caused by a thunder storm which bolted his stone laden cart horse.

Suffering fatal injuries he left behind a young widow Martha with several month old infant named William. They later came to Huthwaite where, in 1913 William personally recalled being aged eleven when moving in with an uncle Stemson. Martha did later remarry here, wedding a local man named Robert Wright. They had one child together, a half brother to William named Robert, whose own notable family line could further interest any future genealogy studies.

Genealogy Links and Contacts

Mr Roy Whittaker proves being a great grandson of William Hill and Rose Ann Boot. His transcribed reportage of their 1913 diamond wedding sparked interest among other descendants, also tying other family genealogy.

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