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Mr Paul Harvey began featuring the sporting career of this Huthwaite footballer before personally sharing here his photo album.   Family genealogy related George Reeves down his mothers line. Finding a mutual village interest may next lead Paul into exposing more relatives after this great great grandfather, because Mr Harvey is also keen to hear from anyone who is able to relate these Reeves, Adlington or Smith lines.

George Reeves (1884 - 1962)

Certification registered the life of Mr Reeves starting in July 1884 nearer the Sutton-in-Ashfield town centre. Giving birth at that Market Street dwelling was an unwed Miss Sarah Reeves. She actually fully named her child William George Reeves. But without identifying a father, Sarah had little chance affording his upkeep.

A Huthwaite SupermanHer infant first called William had better fortune thereafter however, from being brought up by an Adlington family respectably living in Huthwaite. Their addressing on Station Road in Hucknall can still be confused with elsewhere, if also not recognising a renamed Chesterfield Road. And in addition to those historic changes, the growing lad also prefered his given second name, always presenting a recognised George Reeves.

When marrying a local girl Emma Smith from off a neighbouring Swan Yard, he acknowledged his known adoptive parents by registering with fuller name Mr George William Adlington Reeves. The much commoner shorter version did, nonetheless, prove quite sufficient when nationally identifying his first class sporting talents as a professional footballer.

A typical Huthwaite upbringing from two centuries back implies George was educated in the earliest Blackwell Road, Church School. Its large grounds could have encouraged healthy interests like soccer playing, until old enough to easily gain employment among regional coal mines.

One of the earliest football pitches marked out in Hucknall Huthwaite lay nearby in Little Lane. Chances are, this young man would have enjoyed developing his skills on that Blenheim ground, playing friendly matches between any grouped rival teams while muscling up into joining this districts newly formed senior leagues.

Mr G Reeves was noted for initially making district league appearances between three simply named teams. From those known clubs a common rivalry allows players to be assessed meeting the same minor league fixtures. Based only on club reputations achieving semi professional standards, leads to surmising how this miner climbed out the pits on a ladder of success heading for a newly defined 20th century sporting career.The Snipes AFC

It's not determined if George started coal mining work at Blackwell Colliery, but they beat most other nearby pits in successfully siding their own football club. Potential reward must be claimed making alliance appearances with them, presumably helping to cover travel expenses next heading out for Ripley Athletics FC. Returning homeward secured a more prestigious crowd pleasing position in our Sutton Town AFC squad, also called The Snipes.

Professional League Football

Formed 1888 the English Football League founded the highest level of professional competitions. Barnsley FC Barnsley FC managed to afford taking that elite step up back in year 1898, so were well established by 1906 when offering George Reeves his first professional league signing. Wages were still fairly modest. But considering the Sutton Snipes struggled to hold a decent pitch, their £50 transfer fee must have boosted club funds enormously while it recognised great talent.

Team statistics then speak for themselves, The Reds historically record G Reeves as their highest scorer for two consecutive seasons ending 1908. A total of 27 goals from 30 appearances set a club record. Few ever got near his second seasons average - 14 goals in only 12 games. The Sheffield Daily Telegraph furthermore reported under a startling header dated on 30th November 1907.

Aston Villa FC
  The directors of the Barnsley Football Club yesterday transferred their crack forward, George Reeves, who at present heads the list
of goal-scorers in the Second Division, to Aston Villa...

A transfer deal that sent Reeves into the very top League Division One with Aston Villa may not have set a world record, but it recognised an early four figure jump into a £1,200 fee. The Nottinghamshire Free Press took great delight covering simple maths. Needlessly explaining Barnsley's astounding profit margin, while claiming it came at Sutton Town's expense from cheap sale of a star player.

ReevesReevesReevesv Chelsea

Acknowledging a prolific goal scorer from centre forward position, his precise placing is identified versus Chelsea. Front centre inside right is in the accepted 2-3-5 formation. That should also locate Reeves among fellow so called Villains, in the squad photos spanning a two year term at Villa Park ending November 1909.

Strength of top opposition soon showed when losing 5-0 to Liverpool FC on 7th December 1907 at Anfield in front of 18,000. On flip side though, at Villa Park home stadium dated 17th October 1908 fronting 40,000, they all witnessed George put away two of three goals in a resulting 3-1 win against Manchester United. Of a total 30 matches played, Reeves made a respectable tally of 11 goals before accepting next transfer deal.

Bradford Park Avenue welcomed Reeves to assist their Second Division League standing. He's identified soon scoring the one winning goal against Birmingham FC on 28th December 1909. 1912 Otherwise, dates or club statistics are not so readily available to truly assert any record also of time next at Blackpool FC.

Year 1915 may suggest retirement from professional league football. An influential grandfather for lads demonstrating keen sport abilities playing against the many newer Huthwaite teams, George returned home providing highly respected club help from skilled experience.

Mr Paul Harvey is further able to confirm with certificate, plus press obituary reporting the crematorium service, a Great Great Grandfather Mr. George William Reeves died on 15th May 1962 aged 78, at given address 29 Saint Marys Road, Sutton-in-Ashfield. Its hoped Paul will share more genealogy research through his grandfather Mr Ernie Reeves.

Aston Villa Football Club

Aston Villa FC Miles, Logan, Gerrish, Lyons, Cartlidge, Layton, Kearns, Mr Whitehouse, Mr Cooper, Mr Jones, Mr Ansell, Mr Rinder, Dr Jessop, Mr MacGregor, Eyre, Mr Bate, Walters, Franter, Buckley, Wallace,
Reeves, Hunter, Birmingham Cup, Hall, Staffordshire Cup, Birmingham Shield, Bache, Hampton.

Aston Villa FC - Team colours: Claret & Light Blue

Aston Villa FCLyons - Logan J - Miles - George - Garraty - Logan A
Tranter - Buckley - Bache - Hampton - Hall - Kyle
Wallace - Reeves - Codling - Wilcox

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