The Boot Family

Mineral Surveyors of Hucknall-under-Huthwaite

Senior member known for bringing his influential family connections into this emerging township was an Eleazor Boot. Born in 1780, Eleazor built up a notably skilled family profession among these regional coal fields where deeper mining techniques began accessing some of Nottinghamshires elusive richer seams.

It was however actually Eleazors christian commitments that firstly brought his influential attention into Hucknall-under-Huthwaite. Preaching here his devout Wesleyan convictions which soon found general popularity among the regular workers, he founded and built the first church inside Huthwaite.

Tracing this most notable Boot family line came about by piecing together frequent mention as discovered in records of early Huthwaite developments. In their enterprising and very influential residential success, family members did obviously marry into other local family names. Readers helpfully add details, especially from those whom are found holding a related genealogy interests proving family connections branched from this spreading family tree..

This work is still in progress, but based around these family pages there are further hopes for attracting deeper interest and knowledge from and for distant relative contacts. Future revisions will add names provided below reflecting any given assistance from and contacts for all enquiring family descendents.

Genealogy Links and Contacts

Mr Roy Whittaker reveals related information from being a great grandson of Rose Anne Boot, while adding their other notable Hill family connections.

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