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Sutton Road


This section of Sutton Road covers north side the B6026 leading further eastward. Here spans an area between the Terminus up an informally termed Doctors Bank until reaching a junction atop Skegby Road.

Exact spot long after known as the Terminus is just before corner branching off into Old Fall Street. It takes name from 1907 when Mansfield District ran a Huthwaite tram service, and where those tramlines ended to informally address front of a former Wesleyan chapel, lastly adopted by Greek Orthodox. Double ended trams were bidirectional, so didn't require a turning circle, whereas when the omnibus took over services reaching this designated bus stop since 1932, drivers soon found it easier and far safer to continue and use the Huthwaite Market Place for turning around. Councillors accepted this, siting todays Bus Terminus.TerminusBus Stop

More blocks of New Hucknall Colliery built terraced housing straddle entry into those that formed Newcastle Street. They remain little changed, so a clearer view of the Tram Terminus also shows original house fronts from along the Bottoms, before adding two end shop front extensions cornering that side Old Fall Street.Colliery Housing

A final block of dwellings, furthest up from Newcastle Street includes one of the longest running Huthwaite chip shops, identified only as Fish Shop Fried Fish Dealers. Fresh fish supplies were introduced from around 1910, only later adding the traditional chips and mushy peas to make a filling meal. By year 1941 Huthwaite counts no less than seven fried fish dealers. No 149 addressed John Henry Shaw, where wife Mary Ellen continued serving throughout the 1950's. Kebab and Pizza now adds to familiar menus.

Just one of several alternative food outlets making latest use of a former hair salon. Whit walkers parade by Snips, some years after Miss Sylvia Thorpe established 139 as Sylvia's ladies salon.SnipsCobs

Adjacent land topside appears still vacant in background to those much photographed trams. But workers employed locally to dig up all those rail lines could have spent some leisurely hours there, in new licensed premises. 2004 A billiard hall run by Cooper & Hepworth is first identified by a 1932 Gazetteer. Maybe lasting a few decades on area called Doctors Bank, with visits recalled by the late Bill Harrison. He noted how sacks of produce usually restricted the floor space as a result of storing the owners other business interests. Large grounds from that unsighted billiard hall eventually established in 1975 Huthwaite Plumbing & Heating Supplies Limited.

Next plot sat high above and cornering the later developed New Kiln Lane, was to site a family residence for a Dr Clitheroe. We finally witnessed its separately featured redevelopment, which replaces the outgrown New Street, Huthwaite Health Centre by presenting 2013 opening of the Brierley Park Medical Centre.Dr HydeHealth Centre20032013

Earliest surgery had actually been sited across the road. That fronted a grand residence named Mill House in which Dr Gaston had previously took residence, leading into the facing section along Sutton Road.

Written 25 Jan 13 Revised 28 May 14 © by Gary Elliott