Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Sutton Road

along the Bottoms

This section leads path towards Sutton, comparing early 1900 shop fronts built either side New Fall Street. They retained local reference sited along "The Bottoms", before a century of changes saw falling profits.The Bottoms LeftThe Bottoms right

The Bottoms simply recognised how this area lay beneath The Falls, or the natural drainage of water that had once run down Main Street. It presented addressing for both Old Fall Street and New Fall Street, while an Off Licence shop below the latter had been likewise commonly recognised as the Bottoms Beer Off.

This old Mansfield Turnpike road became numbered the B6026, but is divided by name at junction where Market Street branches off to reflect nearest opposing destinations as Blackwell Road or Sutton Road. Far end corner shop asserted by Woodhead and Sons later became a bank. Last few years business saw 2001 closure of a tanning salon, and upper residential use added full conversion readdressing 2012 flats.Woodhead

Mrs Sarah Gascoigne started a haberdasher shop next door at 213. By turn of the 21st century it presented a Huthwaite Neighbourhood Housing Office, which moved into new 2004 Sutton offices. In 2008 came short spells for The Hockey Den, and shown 2010 an Indian Takeaway, thereafter being vacantly boarded. Housing OfficesBengal Spice

Jayne Elliott holds distinction of continuing a long run in this Gent's Barber Shop , from where she can here reveal it being formerly run by "Teddy Minute" Smith. Edward apparently gained nickname from speed of cutting a military style Short Back and Sides. Also renown for secretively taking bets via a connecting door.Jaynes

The entire right half of this block had lastly extended a corner butchers to form a Lifestyle Park Stores mini market spanning three former shop fronts. Remembered in descending order had been George Dobb general stores, perhaps lastly recalled supplying wool. Centrally was Coleman Sweets, and cornering onto New Fall Street, fondly remembered for fish and chips run by the local boxing club trainer Reg. Moorhouse. It still presents a partially completed attempt at again presenting either shop windows or multi storey flats. LifestyleBottoms

Three business premises cornering the next block were added a few years later towards 1909. Memories claimed Green's pawn broker first opened before finding Spaanderman's chemist identified from 1932. The pharmacy continued serving Huthwaite until moving into a new building sited upon New Street until 2013.SpaandermanGarlic

Poppy's Pet Shop became latest reincarnation since 2011 for one originally new Post Office, shown next door to Hetty Stones hair salon. Hetties recognises how most unused businesses have been turned into residential flats, so its good to see some community interest takes over the long run given by Beryl's Florist.HettiesPoppy's

A well proportioned 1980s home eventually replaced two wooden huts that sold herbs and seeds. The rest of this block between Old and New Fall Streets comprised a row of colliery built houses, titled Prospect Place 1888. My great great grandparents must prove being one the earliest tenants, when Jacob and Ellen Stones gave birth here to my mothers grandfather Arthur Stones in June 1889, addressed at the Bottoms.No 230

Identified among these New Hucknall Pit houses were also several home run businesses, more notably including Goodall chemists and at number 183, Edwards sweets which proves to be a family forerunner for Edwards Confectionery still in business on Barker Street. Two houses on far end were eventually converted into shop front windows. Peet opened up a taboccanist and jewellers store, before Haywood established a grocers, where Roy Adkins has since continued to display his bulk supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.VegPeet

William Brunt founded an end butchers, before this top flat shop is again owned by Mr Adkins. Jean nee Hibbert spent several years here making up curtains, just seeing out 2005 controversy caused when the former councillor landlord first painted his advertising wall mural. This welcoming sign reappeared in 2007.Jean's CurtainsMural

The facing amenities, plus housing which further stretches up Sutton Road towards heights newly siting the 2013 Brierley Park Medical Centre are separately covered among the section referring to the Terminus.

Written 25 Jan 13 Revised 26 Aug 13 © by Gary Elliott