Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Sutton Road - B6026

An artistic postcard written 1912 claims this tram leads along Sutton Road, Huthwaite. It now recognises Huthwaite Road, just past sports grounds that hosted New Hucknall Colliery and Huthwaite CWS factory worker teams, before resiting both Sutton Snipes football field adjacent Mansfield Hosiery Mills cricketers.Post officeSutton Road Tram

Sender of this original postcard noted her house is shown fully addressed Ida Villa, Huthwaite, Notts. That is now a Costcutters shop. Adjacent is the petrol station established by Fishers, representing one notable family business name with a border corner shop still selling electrical appliances beyond its bicycle days.VillasCostcutters

Backing along the B6026 reveals the next block of current shop fronts between King Street and North Street, centrally filled by an extension onto Betts and Broughtons boot factory outlet. Opposite had stood a rather smelly dairy farm. The new millenium soon brought more houses, here forming the Elmhurst Drive estate. Sutton RoadB6026

Following Huthwaite tram lines presents further comparisons of Sutton Road housing that generally favoured a south view. First decade of the 20th century saw rapid residential expansion along north side, and several of these were once home businesses serving the branching Lime Avenue and Unwin Street.2012 ViewSutton Road Tram

It was an earlier Hucknall Huthwaite Local Board that unceremoniously opened a fully equiped Huthwaite cemetery, complete with mortuary chapel and keepers lodge shown later by Bailey family occupation.LodgeMortuaryCemetery

Facing cemetery gates emerged a Sutton Road News Agency shop, forced intoa 2010 closure due illegal sales of alcohol. Back in 1914 however, this business was taken over by Harry Tomlinson. His daughter long served sweets for nearby cinema goers, even after taking over the Lyric herself. That Lyric Picture House circa 1921, compares an industrial frontage when taken over by Kingswood and Morris Joiners. But they leased it from the new shop owners, better remembered also running Leah Brothers bus company.Kingswood Morris LtdLyric

When Leah's sold off the businesses, the actual Lyric building, unbeknown to many of us was demolished around 1963. Mr Morris himself here witnessed results of that takeover. A full rebuild did follow original footprint presenting modern workshops. It served P&L Bodyworks until 2012, when stepping aside into a rear workshop where Birchwood Boats had first begun building luxury craft. The vacated main building next saw a car showroom. Frontal changes have since been witnessed under various new business names.G MorrisBodyworks

Mrs Diane Sheppard offers glimpse of her Coleman family fronting their end corner shop. Also visible below dating back far earlier aside the Portland Arms. Access between led to past houses, removed well before a young Mr Jim Chamberlain moved into the former shop to be converted into 1960's home by his father. He does recall a rear door however once gave access to a neighbouring lady sellig baby items, plus prefab garages added in yard below. They were later rented out by Robin, who took over the news agency from Roy and Elsie Leah, and its where I began building my Spartan kit car, showing parts delivered 1986.Coleman'sKit Car

The Portland Arms presented an historic landmark until demolition in year 2000. A few years later came more houses to acquire Park Gardens addressing off Skegby Road, topped by the final home into 2003.Portland ArmsHousing

The lower far west end of Sutton Road below Skegby Road entrance is further covered in separate sections addressing the Bottoms, and the Terminus, plus facing properties and amenities all along that south side.

Written 25 Jan 13 Revised 10 Feb 14 © by Gary Elliott