Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Sutton Road - B6026

Historically presenting the main Mansfield Turnpike through road, this B6026 was named to reflect nearest connections along both Blackwell Road and Sutton Road. That Huthwaite division point is below junction with Market Street, where Sutton Road leads easterly along the Bottoms. It passes a former tram terminus point, which simply helps separate coverage into three parts after broadly detailing entry from Sutton end.

A public house initially titled The Gate may have recognised smaller hamlet boundaries, before rapid 20th century growth residentially extended this individual parish, lining the established route towards Sutton.

Toll Bar   Entering that town had, by a 1764 Act of Parliament, given cause to erect toll bars. This one once charged passage by horse and cart situated upon Alfreton Road junction in Sutton Woodhouse, near the later town cemetery. Marking out full width of this Hucknall Road asserted its priority from the early 1800's. All town turnpikes were abolished in 1872. The matter of costly road repairs then passed onto Local Boards or Urban District Councills, before handing over that responsibility to Nottinghamshire County authorities.

Although Main Street and then Market Street formed earlier shopping centres, the prominent positioning along full length of Sutton Road thereafter presented best opportunity for opening commercial enterprise.

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