Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Huthwaite Post Office Relocations

Click here for a fuller history behind our present day Huthwaite Post Office. This photo gallery is just to compare past and present juxtaposed scenes of its known relocations. After facing widespread closures, we may be considered lucky in keeping a local service; first started here over 160 years ago.

It was around the year 1853 when William Hill established the first Hucknall Huthwaite Post Office near the open Market Place. Shown circa 1909 among old properties known as Ellispool, displaying 1907 renaming of Huthwaite just before being newly relocated off Market Street. Demolition of all those old style properties came some thirty years before building 1980's housing, seeing a one way system introduced in 2010.Market StreetOne Way up

Poppy's Pet Shop is latest reincarnation for what started out as a newly built Sutton Road Post Office, just seen aside Hetty Stones hair salon. Telegram services were here introduced, although many families learnt to fear recieving news transmitted over this marvel of communication during two world wars. Sutton RoadPoppy's Pet Shop

Telephone services were also once part of the GPO, and it was in 1932 when they installed the familiar red public box which did enable long distant trunk calls. This was situated directly opposite the Huthwaite Post Office, fronting the former Huthwaite Urban District Council offices. A replacement push button pay phone was installed after being taken over by British Telecom, but still found regular vandalism until eventually removed after 72 years service. Most of us now possess a mobile phone, but public access to the internet may now also be freely gained from inside the fully renovated and updated Huthwaite Library Telephone KioskLibrary

The present Huthwaite Post Office was built back on Market Street sometime around 1960. This filled available space left after 1950's demolition of old dwellings commonly referred to as Pudding Bag Yard, and fronted by these Pear Tree Cottages which saw out the first Huthwaite Chapel sited adjacent in 1815. Post OfficePudding Bag

Written 22 Jan 13 Revised 23 Aug 13 © by Gary Elliott