Mill Close Juxtaposed

Circled by blocks of council built 2 bedroom flats plus bedsits addressing Mill Close, residential care was given 40 apartments from the centrally sited Community Centre. They were built circa 1976, replacing with name a formerly addressed Mill House, both recognising close vicinity covering an originally sited windmill.

Community Centre

The Huthwaite Community Centre sits directly upon foundations of a far grander residence built by Simeon Watson, the first New Hucknall Colliery manager. It's lofty position overlooking that southern pit yard initially inspired a Hill House addressing, before quickly realising the large plot did hold historic significance. What a shame cameras weren't around to capture sight of the original Huthwaite windmill, last mapped in 1884.

Mill HouseCommunity Centre Mill CloseMill Close

Gardens behind Mill House extended down to an adjoining colliery welfare park from which Mr Watson, a later J.P. invited social gatherings. His 1933 death finds the family property advertised for sale. It lost none of its grandeur when lastly housing a Dr Gaston. A small surgery had been sited around the present car parking area on right. That continued serving Huthwaite while housing Dr Don Clitheroe across the road.

Mill CloseMill Close

My fathers camera offers 1970s comparison when the rear field still provided grazing for the annual release of pit ponies. Covered and backed ever since by both Mill Close and Mill Lane housing, shown from 2006.

Pit PoniesMill Close

Ashfield HomesAshfield Homes manage Mill Close and other Council related properties

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