Huthwaite Housing

Maycroft Gardens

A better quality camera couldn't improve this initial scene captured 2002 when testing out new photographic interests with a portable webcam. The small corner plot of land lay idle behind overgrown bushes. Not only backed by a towering communications mast and a substation, a regular fleet of large lorries like the one shown turning right off Sutton Road, still made frequent trips down to the signed and busy Sutton landfill.


Potential had been seen noneless, for siting here five small bungalows. Even though the lower waste tip extended its impending lifetime, there was little delay in finding buyers in 2003 among this newly emerging Huthwaite address on Maycroft Gardens. And it has turned into a private, well presented little cul-de-sac..


Clearly built by Sandhurst, preparation work was first seen commencing into August 2002. First building started emerging through September. Tidying up the access area by March 2003 soon invited residential possession. The last views taken a year later shows how everythings been neatly established since 2004

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Written 27 Jan 13 Revised 28 Jan 13 © by Gary Elliott