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Main Street

(A Residentially Favoured West Side)

Main Street was initially recognised in two parts, a southern section emerging as Town Street. It was along this longer section, stretching further northward from the Market area up to the Top End Farm, that initially became residentially favoured when first found mapped 1805. Several branching Yards crammed in more worker cottages, but 20th century roadside terracing replaced most of the slum cleared properties. Dividing this section between west and east lining properties simply enables presenting coverage along full length.

The Tesco store opened 2011 by quickly transforming The Workpeoples Inn. Robert Wright first opened this beer house by combining their grander styled family houses, once fronting Wright's Yard terraced properties.TescoWorkpeoples

Kath Wright retired from her family butchers shop in 2003. Its 2013 sale saw no significant frontal changes made since brothers Edward and George began individually selling pork and beef through adjoining windows.WrightsKaths

Swanson Avenue replaced entrance into Pilsworth Yard, On left bottom corner adjoining Wrights butchers, J Martin fronts his 1945 cobblers shop, which did also rather modestly home the related Bradshaw family.J MartinSwanson Avenue

Gem House

A more recent detached residence has cornered right bottom of Swanson Avenue. Aside that stands slightly earlier semidetached properties covering past site holding historic significance. This Main Street plot is where a newly styled Free Wesleyan Church erected a chapel 1856, adjacent later Club Yard entrance. As the United Methodist Free Church, they moved into a newly built larger Sherwood Street chapel in 1884.
"Gem" picture palace then took over the Main Street chapel, introducing Hucknall Huthwaite to a piano accompanied silver screen run by Mr and Mrs Brown. That enterprise was short lived, even less so when seven actors next ran a live theater renamed "Kosy Korner". The old building last serviced a bus garage.

The left property originally began Marshall's news agent, shown here after relocating their Harper Terrace shop. Closed during my lifetime, prior to which, next door had been shopped by boot dealer A DaffinMarshall66

Two 1960's houses stand back facing down Sherwood Street, replacing entrance into the Swan Yard pub. The next block of terraces hides smaller entry into Sampsons Yard. They may well commonly date around time 1910 stone displayed above Ebenezer House. A former butchers shop window lastly run by Sweetmore. Surfacing 2006Ebenezer House 1910

The footpath walked to school alongside Adlingtons waste farmland witnessed two major developments. Croft court flat complex was opened 1976. Then totally cleared by 2002, it made way for 2011 Main Street housing.Croft Court2012 Bungalows

Although removed of poor 18th century and later built yard slums, top end of Main Street now presents a full timescale of residential developments. Aside 2011 completions, a pair of older cottages may date from mid 19th century, between a 1960's residence seeing constant state of construction, until only recently finally completed by new owners. Cornering Barker Street are more familiar replacement 1900 styled properties.Older CottagesTerracing

William Keeling last kept a shop cornering Barker Street. Beyond that, compared during 2010 transformation stood the White Lion, which reopened March 2013 into the new Golf Club house. Further on still stands Top End farm, the road since extending into Brierley Forest Golf Course, established sometime around 1990.White LionTop End Farm

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