Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Town Street

Main Street South Section

Main Street was initially divided into two sections. This southern lower part was recognised as Town Street, residentially forming a short but busier route through Hucknall Huthwaite, by connecting Hopkin Lane with Harper Lane, before also renaming Blackwell Road and a recognised Station Road into Chesterfield Road.

Here shows how Common Road extends northward across Blackwell Road, entering the renamed Town Street through junction lights installed 2004. The former White Hart pub created a prominent landmark on lower corner, while other end of Town Street ended upon meeting another cross road cornering the market place. That is where busiest through traffic still turns left onto Chesterfield Road, heading into Derbyshire.PremierJunction

Firstly along right or east road side, since 2012 the lower corner presents a Premier general store, after an extensive transformation of the former White Hart pub also added flats. Three or four small early cottages had once fronted roadside shops before slum clearance ordered removal to then offer a car park entrance.White HartPremier

When built 1963 between two pubs, the West Notts. Christian Fellowship church originally displayed full title Assembly of God Pentecostal. Long before that, a wooden Assembly of God Gospel Mission predates transformation of a corner house shop window into small bar rooms, extending internally the Market Club.Market ClubPentacostal

The Market Place on top corner of a former Town Street long stood open. A WWII air raid shelter did front the clubby doorway, until late 1970's removal allowed a Main Street entrance into the newly bordered car park.Market TreeOpen Market

Properties lining the west or left road side begins with a block of terraced housing built roughly 1900. A cornering Blackwell Road hair salon is one shop window earliest recalled for smelly Leah paraffin sales. The homes are recently converted to include my modest flat. Behind them once stood a few older cottage dwellings forming Hopkin's Yard atop Hopkin Lane. The entire late Hopkins estate was auctioned 1951. His own relatively grand residence is the one left standing derelict under ownership of the Bettison family.HomeHopkin

Huthwaite News started out selling stationery, listing Jim May from this modest frontage, extended by Ladd.MayNews

A garage entrance separating the next block once led to Dickens old blacksmith shop, plus a private newly rebuilt Rose Cottage. Amongst there, Mrs O'Brien held residence before handing over the next corner shop shown run by J. Bromley. That whole block was eventually taken over by Gem Sports until noting 2013 sale.Bromleyboots yardGem Sports

Towles boot maker predates fonder memories given by those idly spending teenage years in Pat's Top Ten Cafe. Repainting sign 2003 came before selling out to begin serving alternative Chinese and Italian take away food. On far right, Slack's ran a fruit and veg shop before lastly recalling Talbot's second hand shop.Take AwayCafe

Older cottages once stood directly behind the above block alongside entrance into Boots Yard, That retains last type of older addressing previously given so many other influentially claimed land owners properties. The formerly titled Inn or Hotel had once been surrounded by other properties, until slum clearance orders and then need for widening the far busier Chesterfield Road. That removed this fine looking residence once cornering top end of Town Street, fully revealing The Peacock off Main Street adding a toilet extension.Station RoadChesterfield Road

Just sighting the Workpeoples Inn opposite side Station Road in Hucknall Huthwaite, leads into separately covering both commercial and longer residential sides of Main Street extending up to the Top End farm.

Written 25 Jan 13 Revised 21 Mar 13 © by Gary Elliott