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Main Street

2011 Housing

Full transformation between 1976 built flats and 2011 housing involved 2001 demolition of a large Croft Court complex. Main Street provided its main entrance and car park, and was the last area to be developed.Croft CourtHousing

It took a few years to fully vacate, complete reclamation and finally demolish the flats, again exposing 2002 how the former Adlington farm had connected Back Lane. It would then become divided into three plots.20012001

Centrally sited bungalows extended along Swanson Avenue from 2003. Those seen off Main Street would overlook its 2006 road resurfacing, before the view directly down New Street would become taken over.20032003

September 2005 dates sale of this remaining 0.171 hectares by Ashfield District Council. Trees removed 2007 openly invited construction, although it was not until laying 2010 foundations that building began.2006 ResurfacingTreelessFoundationsFoundations

August 2010 sees near completion of the first phase. A snowy winter delays occupation until 2011, when it also started and rapidly completed a second phase, altogether residentially newly lining Main Street.BuidingSnowBuidingPhase Two


Written 14 Feb 13 Revised 14 Feb 13 © by Gary Elliott