Huthwaite Health Centre

The New Brierley Park Medical Centre opened 3 June 2013

A large house built and solely occupied by the family of Dr Clitheroe addressing 217 Sutton Road, stood vacated for several years following his departure from the Huthwaite practice newly sited below New Street.20032004

Rumours that these grounds would resite a future Huthwaite Health Centre were heard years before noting the properties neglected state from 2003. Behind tall hedge came its eventual clearance revealed 2008.20082011

The barren plot of land upon Corner of Skegby Road continued to present a view over those rooftops below. Notice given May 2011 confirmed building would commence, preceded by adding a pedestrian crossing.201120082012

Foundations are laid through October 2012, and that year ends by slowly revealing full ground level layout.20122012


A cold and snowy start to 2013 apparently caused unexpected delays exposing a growing height into April.20132013

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Removed of scaffolding just before May, finishing touches further extended this months expected opening.20132013

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Written 11 May 13 Revised 06 Aug 13 © by Gary Elliott