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spc02-264-196019320805Corner addressing George Street, Sutton Road, would long feature a family run shop, shown advertised in 1932 while J Fisher sold an excellent range of cycles. Fishers premises became formally addressed at 264 Huthwaite Road with an extension adding fuller range of modern electrical goods. When photoed in 2015 however, the entire property was being prepared for opening the present day Bridal Boutique.

Constructing all these properties inside Huthwaite did stretch extreme east village boundaries, until 1935 district authority changes determined George Street lay just inside west fringe of Sutton town borders.


Thematic naming of progressive nearby Huthwaite streets strongly suggests inspiration comes timely recognising 1910-1936 reign of King George V. Bit surprising therefore finding initial layout of George Street is not only earlier mapped out in 1900 showing two facing terraced rows, but a weathered date stone inlaid on original west side still manages to display this illuminating inscription.


While randomly siting ever more properties, common practice of simply numbering doors amongst individually named blocks had to begin recognising numerous branching residential developments. An increasing population saw need to adopt preciser addressing. Identifying this development created a street, presumably led up to next offering its appropriately chosen name. Extract from 1911 census confirming new George Street postal address, also nicely demonstrates next confusion losing its Huthwaite location.


Mike Smith was born and raised among closely neighbouring relatives here, enabling him to share good memories and examples of how later Sutton addressing long puzzled residents. Town boundary changes bizarrely divided this street into two facing halves, despite which, many would continue regarding themselves still being integral members of their closer Huthwaite community.

Some personalised colouring has brightened familiar bare brick frontages over recent years. Individualistic private premises also extended this street slightly northward, apparently now all fully sharing a Sutton-in-Ashfield NG17 2HJ area postcode. Garden allotments where Mike Smith recalled Granddad Beresford had been assisted by one Italian PoW have thus been developed, long after hosting VE Day celebrations on rear yards. Background sights past Sutton Colliery in Stanton Hill. That largely employed related menfolk here, when footpaths led a direct walk through an area since spanned by larger grounds of Brierley Forest Park.

VE Day
19111205 Allotment

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