Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Chesterfield Road

Portland Heights

2015 Portland Heights

This plot of land was originally purchased from the Duke of Portland estate by the first Hucknall Huthwaite Local Board. Their task was in providing Huthwaite with future mains tap water. To ensure a 3 day supply the scheme required a suitable sized reservoir, ideally placed upon highest possible point. And no where could be better found here while recognising Nottinghamshires record heights above Strawberry Bank.Huthwaite Waterworks

Those original Huthwaite water works supplied through Sutton had official opening in 1886. Storage tanks were sunk underground, leaving valved pipework coming up through a concrete cover still visible over a century later. This safety fenced enclosure was made redundant through finding an alternative supplier, all adopted by Severn Trent Water who appear responsible for capping those past works seen through 2002. 2007

2007 MXG

Levelling off the entire site was clearly intended to finally attract a buyer Sign board sighted 2007 showed MXG Developments aimed to construct 7 prestigious 3 bedroom detached and semi detached homes. Coming soon lost meaning though while waiting 4 years for slight change of plan.2011

Retaining given name suggested through historic reference, first phase of the Portland Heights housing scheme is shown dated in March 2011. 1st Construction

2011After starting the second phase in April, a replacement sign appeared from May promoting latest intentions by another corporate logo identifying a Waterside scheme. 2011

Instead of 7 prestigious homes, their new board announced an attractive development of 2 and 3 bedroom properties. Laying further foundations resulted in fully presenting 9 typically sized semidetached dwellings. 2011 Construction

Structural work then swiftly progressed, and looked pretty much completed by November 2011. Tidying up the building site must have seen out that year, because 13th January 2012 dates sale of the first property. 2011 Construction 2011 Construction

Prices ranged from £67,800 up to £94,000, and majority of homes had quickly been sold by April. Looking at the new Chesterfield Road address in July shows completion had already become neatly established. 2012 Portland Heights

Written 23 May 15 Revised 27 May 15 © by Gary Elliott