Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

Chesterfield Road

Dein Court


Taking leisurely motorcycle rides from Huthwaite led to noticing how these two properties had newly fronted Chesterfield Road. Construction had swiftly progressed through 2010, leaving Google mapping to reveal a modest bungalow set in a spacious garden, just prior it making way for actually three good sized houses. GoogleGoogle GoogleGoogle

The pair of 4 bed detached houses directly fronting the roadside looked structurally complete some months before my March 2011 stop sighted at least one 'For Sale' sign. Protective fencing was still in place beyond July 2012, so there was no obvious reason why a sign numbered 1-3 for the newly addressed Dein Court. 20112011 20122012

A final 2015 look at the occupied properties prompted a background check from Property Agent websites. In confirming Dein Court does address three new dwellings, the plot includes a similarly priced two bedroom home privately situated at rear. They can't agree however, on what type of property it represents. One place still advertises the demolished bungalow, whereas another claims a new rentable semidetached house. 20152015

All three numbered properties forming a Huthwaite Dein Court were initially sold within a few months from September 2012, each priced around £150,000. Interesting choice of name led to discovering a meaning of perhaps Anglo-Saxon or German origins, although true implication could only be confirmed by the previous property owners. A House Registry database confirms same NG17 2QE post code covered May 2008 sale of "Deincourt", the original bungalow alongside houses thar keep named address on Chesterfield Road.

Written 16 May 15 Revised 18 May 15 © by Gary Elliott