Huthwaite Addressing Juxtaposed

This gallery section replaces and updates previous lost coverage of road lined properties and businesses. Here gives chance to finally show off more photos, including my own snaps, adding a range of comparable past scenes while covering time lapse constructions over newly addressed but historically topical areas.

A new Huthwaite Health Centre nears May 2013 completion on Sutton Road, replacing Dr Clitheroe's large residence. The New Street surgery is an extended clinic, formerly sited over Wood's cottage and dairy farm.Wood's CottageHealth Centre

Some serious changes were made upon New Fall Street, replacing those earliest dismal developments.New Fall StreetNew Fall Street

A look down Sherwood Street appears coming from Ken Lane's upper window, revealing two other past businesses. Cornering New Fall Street was a Mansfield Ales off-licence. A top beer-off took over the trade.Sherwood StreetSherwood Street

The east of Huthwaite became a fashionable place for privately built housing, here forming King Street.King StreetKing Street

The Market Place accountants office replaced a branch of Mansfield Building Society. But it was my mothers grandfather Alfred Stones who first started a front room Cobblers business from his home parlour.StonesAccountants

If you're walking kids to Barker Street school, or simply wondering whatever stood before building this recent bungalow, shown 2002 cornering Back Lane. Well these garages looked too unsafe to put a car in.Garages2002 Bungalow

Demolition of the large 1976 built Croft Court flat complex made room for bungalows facing Back Lane, extending Swanson Avenue, and a few years later, housing facing Main Street seeing 2011 completion.SummerhillBack Lane

Written 22 Aug 07 Revised 21 May 13 © by Gary Elliott